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Think about which disc you want to use. You can use one glow disc for the entire event, plus bring your mini marker. If you have another glow disc please bring along a spare to use, but only for use just in case you lose your first disc. Bring along your glow torch or your glow roller too.

As this will be a shotgun start, numbers will be capped at 36. Please be aware that players will be grouped to allow hosts for new players and to evenly spread players around the course. Players meeting 6:45pm, tee off 7:00pm. We expect to be finished at around 9:00pm.

There will be a Raw Score prize awarded to the winner.

All participants must be members of  Australian Disc Golf for insurance purposes.  It is free to join here. 

This is going to be a fun, casual competition. However, there are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to for the safety and respect of other players, park users and the park itself. There will be a short player’s meeting to go over the most important of these ahead of tee off time, but we ask that you to check out the links below for more information if you are not already familiar with it. Even if you have, we encourage you to review them.

The basic rules for Disc Golf

PDGA rules 

Respect agreement from the ADG

MDGC Covid Safe plan

COVID Measures

This is a COVIDSafe event. Players must keep 1.5m from all other players at all times. If you feel unwell, please leave immediately and let an Official know why.

While this event does not require players and spectators to be vaccinated, the Melbourne Disc Golf club strongly encourages all participants to be fully vaccinated.

Other Park Users

We are in a public park and other users of the park always have right of way. If you believe there is any chance a throw double the length of your furthest throw might hit someone, do not throw, wait for the way to be clear before throwing.

If other park users are occupying an area you need to throw into you may politely explain the situation to them and ask them to move to allow you to throw. If they refuse to relocate you may have to skip the hole. If that is a persistent issue the hole may be removed from all scoring. If the park users are few enough that they can be protected by a single spotter, who may be required to interfere with the flight of the disc (along with the consequences in the rules that follow from this under rule 810 E) in order to protect park users.

Always be polite and never aggressive with other park users. We want more courses in the ground!

PDGA Rules in Effect

All PDGA rules and guidelines are in effect, as modified by the PDGA International Program Guide and ADG guidelines.

It is the players responsibility to be aware of and abide by the rules. We suggest downloading them to your phone in advance, so you always have them.

Courtesy and Speed of Play

There may be players of all different skill levels participating in this event. It is important regardless of skill level to execute your throws within the time allowed by the rules once reaching your lie and ensuring the fairway is clear to throw. Keep searches for lost discs (once all players in the card have joined the search) to the allowed 3 minutes.

However, players should not put pressure to move faster on other groups who are meeting these requirements. Higher numbered holes have right of way and playing through is not allowed unless directed by the Tournament Director.

The City of Manningham and the Melbourne Disc Golf Club respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land we are playing on, and pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Melbourne Disc Golf would like to thank the City of Manningham for their ongoing support of disc golf at Ruffey Lake Park.

Janet Ford-Adams and Jeff Brunsting


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