Blendon Woods

The course is located in the Blendon Woods Metro Park which is in the extreme NE Columbus Area (near New Albany).  The address is: 4265 E. Dublin-Granville Rd (old rte 161), Westerville, OH 43081 (which approximately 2 miles east of I-270).

This is a deluxe short course which has appeal to the beginner and enthusiast alike.  Most fairways were cleared through woods and grass was planted much like on a ball golf course.  The course has some elevation change and a stream that bisects the course and comes into play on a number of holes.  The course begins at the starters shack at the north end of the parking lot and makes a counter-clock-wise loop through the woods and ends at the south end of the same lot. This course rewards accuracy, finesse, and putting and favors straight and left-to-right shots.

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