Malluusen frisbeegolfrata

  • Location: Finland, Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Kuortane, Mäyry, Malluusentie
  • Baskets: 18 Par: 65 Length: 2563m PAR rating: 999
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  • Weather: -2°C 3.6 m/s SW
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Malluunen disc golf consists of two courses: from a challenging 18-hole course (AAA1) and 9-hole warm up course (B1). Both courses run in forest and field landscape with small height differences.

The courses include e.g. long open and versatile holes, tight wooded holes, OB-islands, hazard areas and even a slight downhill shots. The course layouts are partially overlapping: some holes share their Tee with each other but each hole has its own basket.

The course is located in a private area in Kuortane, Finland, and can be found at: Malluusentie 425, 63130 Mäyry, only 25 minutes from Keskinen Brothers Variety Store and less than half an hour from Seinäjoki! Parking on the course parking lot.

PRO AAA1 course hole lenghts are ranging from about 300 ft (>90m) to multiple over 650 ft (>200m) holes. Course par is 65 and length over 8500ft (almost 2600m) so that means the average length of holes is about 460ft (>140m). The holes variate from tight forest lines to open distance driver holes with lots of OB and hazard.

Recommended course fee 5€/day. You can pay it using MobilePay: number 12781 (Malluusen frisbeegolfseura ry), add message "Course fee", thank you!

Learn more https://malluusenfrisbeegolfrata.fi/en/



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61Markku Samppala07/18/22 18:00533435454346365424+873
61Joona Kriikkula08/22/22 18:00444535664444333524+873
61Pietu Puttonen05/30/22 18:00344436933533345434+873
61Miika Rantanen08/22/22 18:00643226553434445454+873
61olavi koivunen08/15/22 18:00444234563535454543+873
66olavi koivunen08/01/22 18:00433345683333443645+974
66Joona Kriikkula08/15/22 18:00433345555446344534+974
66Janne Saarela08/01/22 18:00444454553534444444+974
66Mikko Kujanpää06/27/22 18:00432325673543357444+974
66Eetu Ritari08/28/22 13:45355435563543344444+974
66Harri Paavola07/18/22 18:00323455763335356425+974
66Aki Pälli06/13/22 18:15433336644445344446+974
73Severi Vuorela09/18/22 11:00433335674544345543+1075
73Ari Latva-Koivisto06/27/22 18:00534334843435345455+1075
73Mika Pakkala07/18/22 18:00643535653443344544+1075
73Juuso Hirvelä07/18/22 18:00534336543545445534+1075
73Janne Laine08/01/22 16:32444345584453364324+1075
73Timo Riihimäki10/23/22 10:00334237663754444523+1075
73Luka Toivonen09/18/22 11:00433235783345446425+1075
73Juuso Hirvelä08/22/22 18:00534535674433444524+1075
73Elian Varpula05/30/22 18:00433435675444245444+1075
73Eetu Ritari07/18/22 18:00434646763444334523+1075
73Vili Lappi08/28/22 09:00433534663553447424+1075
73Niko Nikkinen08/01/22 18:00343436565435344535+1075
73Juhani Rimpeläinen09/18/22 11:00534337753443454533+1075
86Eetu Ritari05/07/22 10:00453427663553345443+1176
86Jarkko Koskela09/18/22 11:00563365654433464423+1176
86Kaj Sand10/23/22 10:00535335653733554425+1176
86Pasi Keskinen08/15/22 18:00334435973446334443+1176
86Timo Riihimäki09/18/22 11:00453435954533345344+1176

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