Newington Armory

  • Location: Australia, NSW, NSW, Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park, Jamieson Street
  • Baskets: 18 Par: 57 Length: 1737m PAR rating: 873
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  • Weather: 21°C 5.66 m/s SE
  • Active players at the moment: 0 (0% of usual)
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The Newington Armory at Sydney Olympic Park is the site of Sydney’s first permanent disc golf course.

It was established in 2006 and has been the central hub of disc golf in NSW for more than a decade.

The park is part of a wider historical area where ammunition was stored and transported during World War 1 & 2. As you make your way around the course, you will play around old bunkers and historical buildings that were part of the old armory site.

The Newington Armory is open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm with access via the Jamieson Street gate or the main entrance down on Parramatta River.

The main public course is 18 holes and has some slight variation in elevation. Whilst relatively open, most holes present a challenge with well placed trees, out of bounds road or the typical southerly wind that will blow of an afternoon.

Tees are marked by pavers set into the ground and there are no tee signs.

Check out the Facebook page where you can organise to meet up with local Disc Golfers to show you around.

You can find a guided walkthrough of the public course here: https://youtu.be/SZO120Pzhok

You can also find a review video with helpful information on facilities here: https://youtu.be/kC5wVt9r_J4

Contact the club if you are looking to book use of the facility outside of normal hours.



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61Tanga Waetford09/11/22 09:45433332432423343432-255
61Liam Brunelli-Brondex01/03/21 09:45343333432343334322-255
61Mario Tolberg02/13/21 09:45344233623422342323-255
61Paul Comninos10/11/20 10:00344242533232333432-255
65Oliver Brown01/03/21 09:45343232443243343324-156
65Joe Nardo03/13/22 09:45432343423434323333-156
65John Lewis07/10/22 09:45443333433233233334-156
65John Soden01/16/22 09:45433233434324333324-156
65Rhys Wisniewski09/13/20 10:00333332433343333532-156
65Mathew Lamy10/11/20 10:00634242324333432422-156
65Kairi Koobakene01/03/21 09:45444332432423343332-156
65Kam03/13/22 09:45433333422433333424-156
65Stephen Clarke08/27/17 09:30443343333233433422-156
65Stephen Clarke08/27/17 11:30433333334334233432-156
65Liam Aungle01/16/22 09:45333333433524333332-156
65Liam Brunelli-Brondex09/13/20 10:00343233433334234432-156
65Tanel Luik08/27/17 09:30343343333223343442-156
65Alexander Gan06/20/21 09:30344333332333334324-156
65Tanga Waetford03/13/22 09:45343442623333333322-156
65Matt Ellis08/27/17 09:30434342333333333423-156
65Tanga Waetford11/13/22 09:30343332432332543522-156
65Danny Su06/20/21 09:30343352433324333323-156
65Adam Keen07/10/22 09:45343343432332334333-156
65Joe Nardo01/16/22 09:45534332433332333234-156
65Zac Smith01/03/21 09:45443332434233233433-156
86Remmy Campbell06/20/21 09:30353332333234333434057
86Rhys Wisniewski07/19/20 10:00443232433433333334057
86Justice Hahlbeck09/11/22 09:45443333433334333332057
86Justice Hahlbeck11/13/22 09:30433333343333334333057
86Paul Comninos07/10/22 09:45443332433334332532057

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