Premium (paid) competitions and invoicing

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Competition organizers and tournament directors have an option to choose "Premium" competition when creating (or editing) competitions. This Premium option enables several useful features and also supports Disc Golf Metrix development.

What's included in Premium competitions?

  • Player registration supports registration stages, queuing, wild cards and additional statistics
  • Metrix statistics available for more than 10 players
  • Compare head-to-head player statistics
  • Player data can be exported to Excel (registration data, results for PDGA, etc)
  • Weeklies / tour Points system
  • Prompt support available
  • No ads on competition page
  • The results list doesn't display text "This competition was created using the free version of Disc Golf Metrix."

What does it cost?

Premium competition fee is based on number of players and baskets played. Standard fee is 0,20€ per player for an 18-basket course. If the course has more or less baskets than 18, the amount is aligned with the basket count (number of baskets on the course / 18).

Cost calculation details:

  • 0,20€ per player per 18 baskets.
  • Only finished rounds are counted.
  • Calculation and invoicing occurs after the competition.
  • Usually invoiced from competition administrator at the end of the month.

Example 1:

  • Single round weekly competition
  • 18 baskets on a course
  • 32 players
  • 32 x 0,20€ = 6,40€

Example 2:

  • Two rounds weekly competition
  • 9 baskets on a course
  • 32 players
  • (32 x 0,20€ x 9/18) + (32 x 0,20€ x 9/18) = 6,40€

Example 3:

  • C-Tier PDGA competition with two rounds
  • 18 baskets on a course
  • 90 players
  • (90 x 0,20€) + (90 x 0,20€) = 36€

Please note! Once you have selected the Premium option, you can't change it back to free.

Payment and invoicing

Invoices are sent to competition administrator OR to an invoicing account. Invoices are sent monthly to contact person. When "Shared account" is set to "Personal" (which is default), then invoice is sent to a person who created the competition. Otherwise is sent to contact email address defined in the invoicing account.

Premium competition is selected from Edit competition --> Details --> Other parameters. 

Manage accounts -button allows one to create new shared accounts and maintain existing ones. More information about invoicing accounts can be found here.

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