Metrix API Introduction

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DiscGolfMetrix provides a simple HTTP API to query data from the live scoring service. This page briefly describes the basic idea of the API and which methods are currently available (or planned for future).

Basic idea is that another software or system calls API functions with HTTP GET and POST methods and receive HTML or JSON formatted text as a return value. If you have any questions about the API, please contact support.

For each function of the API, the following pages describe:

  • Basic description of the function/functionality
  • Example URL (may not include all parameters/attributes)
  • Parameters used to call a function
  • Return message example in JSON-format
  • Return message example in HTML-format
  • Error scenarios and messages (if applicable)

Currently available API methods

  1. Get Results
  2. Get Bagtag list
  3. Get Courses list
  4. My competitions