Registration conditions and stages

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Registration conditions and stages are part of the Registration details. Open the link for more info on basic registration settings.

TD can define different conditions to different divisions and split the registration into multiple stages. For example set declining rating limits for different phases. Or remove player quotas over time.

  1. How many stages: Select how many stages to include in the whole registration process. With one stage, there is basically no stages, but you can still set conditions for the registration.
  2. Stage 1 and 2: Each stage will have it's own registration conditions. Click the "Conditions" button to set conditions for each stage.


Metrix is already supporting quite a lot of different conditions for registrations. Pay attention to each condition before opening the registration to players.

  1. Stage: Showting the stage you are setting the conditions to.
  2. Start date: day when registration stage will start. When setting up stages, make sure that stage schedules do not conflict between different stages. 
  3. Start time: exact time when registration stage opens
  4. End date: day when registration stage ends
  5. End time: exact time when registration stage is closed.
  6. Add new limitations: Limitions to each stage can be set per class/division or to apply limitation to all divisions at once. More information about the different conditions in a table below.
Condition Description Type / Options Example / Notes
Metrix rating Set limits based on Metrix rating (before the event) Number


PDGA rating Set limits based on PDGA rating (before the event). Metrix will query the PDGA rating at the time of registration. Number 1000
PDGA number exists Check that PDGA number is valid. True / False  
PDGA membership is active Check that player has active PDGA membership True / False  
PDGA classification Whether plaeyr is Pro or Amateur Pro / Am Note! Pros playing AM.
Birthyear Use birthyear to set age limits <, <=, >, >= >= 2005 for a junior division
Gender Restrict based on gender. M = Men, F = Female  
Min number of players Minimum quota for players for the division. Used to reserve spots for a certain division (or all) Number 6 for Juniors
Max number of players Maximum quota for players for the division. Used to set maximum for a division. Number 25 for MPO
Club membership Restrict registration to members of a particular club. Select from Clubs For example exclusive event for club members.
Country Restrict registration based on nationality. Country list Include or exclude certain countries. E.g. allow international players to register first.
Waiting list not allowed Prevent players going into waiting list after maximum numbers of players has been reached (for the division or whole event) True / False  
not allowed Restrict registration for a particular division True / False  


Registration conditions are shown on the registration page to players. Players can only choose from divisions where conditions apply to player's profile and given registration details.

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