Local course administration

Courses admin

Course administration view and actions for "area admins" to maintain all courses within their responsible area. Local admins will moderate and maintain course details within their area. Area can be a country, county or city.

Admins for bigger areas like county and country can also appoint sub-admins for cities for example. The area structure also works as an escalation bath for approvals, if smaller area admin does not react to approval request in time.


  1. Three different "tabs" on top
    1. Courses - the main admin area
    2. Sub-admins - if current user is Country or County level admin, he/she can add sub-admins for the areas. If user only has City level admin rights, this section is not visible.
    3. Action log - log of actions done within this course administration. Some actions can be undone from here.
  2. Filter by... free text search for filtering courses by Name.
  3. SHOW: filter to show or hide courses based on their current approval status, visibility or validity
  4. Course details:
    1. Course / Layout - name the child layouts are shown below their parent. Clicking the course name will open the public view of the course.
    2. Bsk - basket count
    3. Par - total par for the course/layout
    4. Created by - who has originally created the course/layout
    5. Events - how many "competitions" has been played
    6. Last used - when course has been used the last time
    7. Access - whether course is public or private
  5. Course related actions (described in more detail below)
    1. Edit - open course details for editing
    2. Archive - makes the course temporary/archived and sets the "end date" to previous day
    3. Parent - set or create new parent for the layout
    4. Merge - merge two layouts with same amount of baskets and same par under the same parent. Make sure that layouts are duplicates before merging! There are many reasons to create multiple layouts under same course.
    5. "Tick" - approve course/layout
    6. "X" - reject course, this will keep the course as private
  6. Main menu - shows if user has unapproved courses pending for approval

Course actions

Short descriptions for each action and how to use them.

  1. Edit - opens the course into edit view. Here admin can:
    • Set name and location
    • Add and update description that can include images also (like course map)
    • Basket details like par, length and teesigns
  2. Archive / Activate - archive a course or layout OR take back into use
    1. Archive button will set course as temporary and set the end date to previous day
    2. Activate button will turn course back into use and remove the end date
  3. Parent - move layout under different parent OR create a new parent
    1. Creating new parent will add the new parent on top of the current course
  4. Merge - duplicate layouts can be merged under the same parent
    1. note that you need to move the layout under same parent in order to merge
    2. merge will delete the other course, but all data is moved to the other course
    3. please note that not all layouts with the same number of baskets and par are duplicates!
  5. "Tick" - Approve! - this will approve the course. All public courses should be approved.
  6. "X" - Reject - this will reject the course. The course will remain private and admin must add a comment on rejection.


In this section, an area (country or county) can assign other users as sub-area admins.

User with Country level admin permissions can add County and City level admins. County level admins can assign City level admins.

  1. Add new admins
  2. Area details - to which area the User (3) or Club (4) has admins rights
  3. User - who is the admin for the given area
  4. Club - club admins can act as course admins for the area
  5. Revoke button to remove admin rights

Action log

Action log includes a list of all activities done within the administered areas.