Prepayments and round credits

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Prepaid round packages are now available for clubs and other users to get volume discounts on prepaid Premium round credits.

Make a prepayment and get the discount

Standard fee is 0,25 EUR per player per round (since 01.12.2019) for an 18-basket course. If the course has more or less baskets than 18, the amount is aligned with the basket count (number of baskets on the course / 18).

Events using Premium rounds without prepaid packages will be invoiced afterwards with a standard fee. Purchase Premium round packages in advance to get volume discounts.

Metrix offers three standard packages for Premium rounds:

    • 20% discount to standard fee
    • 20€ fixed price
    • 30% discount
    • 100€
    • 40% discount
    • 300€

How to use prepaid round packages

Once you have purchased a round package, you can connect it to your personal or a shared invoicing account. Once connected (initially happens during purchase) to an account, the packages can be used when setting up Premium events.

For example, if you have purchased a SMALL package with 100 round credits, those credits will be consumed once you create a new Premium event and add players to it. Each player (per round) will consume one credit. The payment section in the conpetition edit will show you have many credits the event/round consumes and how many rounds you have left on prepaid packages connected to your account. If you run out of round credits in the middle of an event, you can either purchase a new round package or leave the remaining rounds to be invoiced afterwards with the starndard fee. We highly encourage TDs to use round credits instead of invoicing.

Before you have any credits connected to your account, the payment status will look like this:

With the base price of 0,20€ per player per round, this event would cost 1,60€ once finished. This fee would be invoiced after the event, if round credits not available before invoicing.

If the account is connected to prepaid packages with round credits, then the payments status looks like this:

Note! You can have multiple prepaid packages connected to a single account. The credits will be consumed from the oldest package first. And once a package is fully consumed, the remaining round credits are taken from the next prepaid package.

These instructions will be updated soon, so stay tuned for more information.

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