Photo contest

The competition is over! A total of 116 different entries were submitted to the competition. All works can be viewed at the following address: https://pollunit.com/en/polls/2kpruogzj43wofacxf1dnq. The winner of the competition is Andi Jürivete with his next work. The jury did not award the second and third places. Many good works were submitted to the competition. The winning work earned the first place for being the best fit for the aim of the competition.


The winner commented on the story behind the picture: This image was designed specifically for this competition, based on the environment and logo colors of Discgolfmetrix. I decided on a gradient style color blending. As soon as these colors merged, I realized that all that was missing was a blurry logo glow and smoothly dark edges. Beauty lies in simplicity.


Original text:

The goal is to find background images for competitions on the https://discgolfmetrix.com/ environment. The winners' work will later be widely used in various disc golf competitions.

Period for submission of works: 18.05.2023 - 31.05.2023

The main prize is 500 EUR. We will give away up to 1-3 grand prizes.

The winners will be announced no later than 07.06.2023

Photos must match their tonality. It must be taken into account that the image is mostly displayed in landscape format, but on mobile it is displayed rather as a square. The letters on the picture are white, so the picture itself must not be very bright.

Photos may be illustrative.

All kinds of photo manipulations are allowed.

The participant confirms that he is the author of the picture(s) submitted to the competition.

The participant participates in the competition under his own name. Anonymous participants will be removed from the competition.

A maximum of 3 works can be submitted by one participant.

The organizer (Discgolfmetrix) has the right to use the works submitted to the competition free of charge.

Use polls to upload images: https://pollunit.com/polls/2kpruogzj43wofacxf1dnq