• Skoorin.com is free to use for all disc golf enthusiasts. Submit your disc golf scores using your phone or tablet, right on the field. Track your personal progress or arrange the public competition.
    In mobile phones the address is the same: http://skoorin.com

    Our mission is to make disc golf exciting, and to help the player improve their skills
    Our vision is to make game results available to all parties immediately. We are there to help players who are practicing, playing with friends, and tracking their progress in different circumstances across time.


  • Offline score submission

    You can submit scores even if you don’t have an Internet connection. For every basket, the color shows its status: gray for not submitted, blue for saved, orange for being submitted, and red for a score that will be saved once the Internet connection comes back.
  • Game types:
    1. Training – a practice session alone or with a few friends. By default, this is not visible to others.
    2. Competition – basic competition for entering results. A game held with one or many groups (pools). It is possible to use classes. Public by default. A competition could consists of sub-competitions.
    3. Tour – multi-day event. Use it for weeklies, pdga competitions or larger tour events. The Tour game type is not connected with any course. Add sub-competitions to the tour to add results.
    Find here the video tutorial for creating complex competitions.


  • See the course statistics of other players, and compare your results to theirs. If you are making a public competition, the score will be saved to the statistics automatically.
  • Enter and manage your own courses, and make them publicly available to others.


  • Track your results across time and various courses. It is exciting to see how your skill has evolved through the years! If you make private training sessions and competitions, only you can analyze their results.


  • You need to log in with your user account to submit scores and review your statistics. Having a user account also allows you to create and manage publicly available courses.
  • We support results import from Easy Scorecard. If you finish a competition in Easy Scorecard, please send e-mail to import@skoorin.com. Please note, the e-mail must match the user e-mail in Skoorin.
  • To register or log in, you can use your Facebook or Google+ account. That way, you don’t have to enter a password separately.

Help to develop

  • Share your minds via e-mail: Marko Saviauk
  • If you like our work and wish to accelerate the development of new functionalities, your help is welcome