NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
1Anton Ukhanov442222-8
2Dmitry Belyshev32824-6
2Pavel Ivakhnenko452124-6
4alexander tokarev381226-4
5Alexander Fomin311300
5Pavel Sokolkin5020300
7Ivan Yarmushevich365311
8Sergey Shamilov4513.731.31.3
9Boris Ovsyannikov439344


1Alexander Fomin 433363333+131
2Dmitry Belyshev 443452433+232
3Ivan Yarmushevich 533553435+636
4alexander tokarev 534453545+838
5Boris Ovsyannikov 543664546+1343
6Anton Ukhanov444863546+1444
7Pavel Ivakhnenko654863544+1545
7Sergey Shamilov 734674545+1545
9Pavel Sokolkin 544685666+2050
10Anton ZTL745774756+2252
11Lena ZTL86612107777+4070
12Olga Panferova10861212121098+5787

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