NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
1alexander tokarev3711.225.8-4.2
2Olga Panferova835726-4
3Pavel Sokolkin4417.826.2-3.8
4Denis Taylakov325.626.4-3.6
5Marina Ivakhnenko6437.526.5-3.5
6Galina Suvorova6434300
7Aleksey Orlov4817.730.30.3
8Pavel Ivakhnenko5019.330.70.7


1Denis Taylakov 323463443+232
2alexander tokarev 443444365+737
3Pavel Sokolkin 533666447+1444
4Aleksey Orlov554764665+1848
4Anton Kozin635764665+1848
6Pavel Ivakhnenko744874466+2050
7Andrey Melnik735975657+2454
8Galina Suvorova 8551197667+3464
8Marina Ivakhnenko8769106567+3464
10Elena Kozina76611106766+3565
11Olga Melnik107810127889+4979
12Olga Panferova10681111712810+5383

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