6.8. - [ENG] Corona Info and Event Schedule


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Here’s some important info about the European Amateur Open. The event schedule has been updated. Check it at the event website.

COVID-19 Prevention

We’ve taken measures to prevent spreading COVID-19 by minimizing gatherings. This has significant impact on the event and many of these affect the players.

Things that affect you as a player:

  • Every participant must accept the COVID-19 waiver by 20.8.2020: https://bit.ly/EAO2020covid-19waiver
  • There will be no player meeting. All necessary info is available online at the event website and in Disc Golf Metrix.
  • Course maps, hole info and other info is all available online. (No printed materials.)
  • No onsite registration provided or required. (So just read the infos and enjoy playing disc golf!)
  • Each group must be at the 1st tee 7 minutes before their tee time. (Let the previous group tee off and vacate the tee area before you enter it.)
  • Players must pick up their player packs after their first round, from the tournament office of the course where they play their first round.
  • Scores will be kept electronically in Disc Golf Metrix. (No physical scorecards. More info to follow closer to the event.)
  • One caddie per player is allowed. Caddies are required to follow the same instructions as the players. The player is responsible for his/her caddie during the round.
  • We recommend against inviting spectators to follow your round. Some teeing areas can be tight. If you absolutely have to have an entourage instruct them to follow from further away.
  • You can refill your bottle from a water station during your round. If you do so you are required to treat your hands with a hand sanitazer, available at the station.
  • Hand sanitazer is also available at the tournament offices and starter’s stations.
  • Follow the PDGA instructions of best practices for players: https://www.pdga.com/pdga-documents/tour-documents/requirements-and-best-practices-pdga-sanctioned-play-during-covid-19

COVID-19 Epidemic’s Effect on the Event

The previous restrictions to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 set by the authorities still have an impact on the event. Especially in Nokia, where the course is located in an area that is a host of many sports facilities. Many organized sports were put on hold earlier this year. Because of this the sports facilities in Nokia are busy with activity at this time.

Because of this The Beast and the event services are a bit more limited than usually. The course is almost the same as before. It’s actually a combination of the EAO 2018 and 2019 courses. The course map of the Beast will be published later this week.

If you’re arriving by car you should reserve some extra time as there might be lack of parking space some times. The parking lot is shared with other sports facilities and might get a bit crowded at peak hours. In a worst case scenario you may have to park your car to the local supermarket’s (Prisma) parking lot. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the course from there.

Also, we regret to inform you that there will be no InnovaStore Pro Shop at Nokia. (But you can have your InnovaStore order delivered to the tournament office! More info about this coming up later.)

Additionally, the Nokia cafe opening hours are limited, especially on Friday 21.8. when the cafe opens quite late in the afternoon. You should prepared for this by taking enough snacks with you.  (The cafe is ran by a local sports association, not by the event organizer.)

The Nokia ice hall toilets are in use from 7.00 until the evening every day of the week.


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