• Date & time: 03/19/22 00:00
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Alpaca Open 2022 | Waitinglist VS open spots


We are very pleased with the interest you show in Alpaca Open 2022 by signing up to the tournament. With Stage 2 opening yesterday we have already 56 of max. 90 participants.

However, we got several questions, why 14 of them are already on the waiting list, despite there being so many open spots:

We've reserved for all divisions a minimum of 10 spots each so that they have a chance to take place and have an interesting number of competitors in it. As MPO and MPO40 already have more than 10 players and FPO has one participant there are still 29 spots reserved. This reservation will be canceled with start of stage 4 and all available spots will be filled up by waiting list order.

Additionally, we have reserved 20 wildscards. This number is relatively high as we have two layouts and PDGA rules do not allow you to have the same flight on different layouts. So it could happen that we have to hold back some wildcards (max. 4) to balance this out.

We still have 48 spots open. And do not be discouraged due to the existing waiting list. Also payment is not expected a week after you have a spot (not on the waiting list).


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