Player information - Part 2


This is the second part of the big information package to all players. Please read this (and the first one) carefully.

Caddy books

  • Caddy books including course details for each course is published
  • All course maps and caddy books can be found HERE 
  • Caddy books are also added to all Metrix pages
  • If you fhave further questions, send email to events@nbdg.fi

Shuttle bus schedules

  • Route information and daily schedules for the shuttle bus to Nevas are published
  • Links to daily schedules:
    • Tuesday 5th, practise at Nevas | LINK
    • Wednesday 6th, TYYNI One Round | LINK
    • Thursday 7th, main event 1st round, pool D | LINK
    • Friday 8th, main event 2nd round, pool B | LINK
    • Saturday 9th, main event 3rd round, pool C | LINK
  • There is no shuttle bus to TYYNI After Dawn events

Score keeping

  • Duplex score keeping is used in all Tyyni events - in One Rounds, After Dawns, EPT Tyyni and EPT-X Tyyni
  • Each player is responsible for their own score in both official platforms
  • Prepare for this:
    • Be sure you have at least one pen in your bag
    • Create a Metrix account if you don't have that yet
    • Download the latest version of Udisc (not UdiscLive, just the regular) if you are playing in MPO/FPO

EPT Latitude 64 Tyyni Open (MPO, FPO)

  • Official score keeping platforms:
    • Udisc
    • Disc Golf Metrix
  • Udisc must be filled with stats, Metrix stats is volunteer to use
  • Scores must match together
  • Udisc must be verified after by the whole group from score keepers mobile phone
  • Disc Golf Metrix must be signed on your own account (or ask TD to do it)
  • Group gets also a paper scorecard for back-up. Don't need to fill that if both Udisc and Metrix works fine

EPT-X Latitude Tyyni (other divisions), One Round events, After Dawn events

  • Official score keeping platforms:
    • Disc Golf Metrix
    • Paper card
  • Metrix stats is volunteer to use
  • Scores must match together
  • Paper card must be returned by the whole group
  • Disc Golf Metrix must be signed on your own account (or ask TD to do it)

Some picks from the rules

  • Main event is PDGA international A-tier
  • PDGA rules and competition manual followed, also Finnish DGA competition rules followed
  • Smoking and use any other tobacco products (incl. snus) is prohibited at tournament centers and during the competition round from 2 minutes signal to the return of scorecard
  • If have any symptoms of COVID or have tested positive, you are not allowed to join event. In these cases contact mike@nbdg.fi


  • You are welcome to have one caddy with you
  • Remember that caddy needs to follow all the same rules as players and he/she can't affect to play or ruling
  • To Nevas caddy can take the shuttle bus with you



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