No Result (Sum)Handicap (HC)Summary (Sum-HC)Payout
Luis Gil64   
Mark Brodsky61   
Sebastian Perez61   
Jorge Guzman59   
1Devin Aedo51-1.749.316
2Frank Vargas56-4.651.49
3Avian Angulo56-3535
4Carlos Garcia54-.753.33
Pedro Vera56-1.154.9 
Bernie Rodriguez63-5.257.8 
Donald Everage63-558 
Alexis Gonzalez64-460 
Ryan Bobson66-4.761.3 
Juan A Alvarez66-4.461.6 
Mario Guerra64 64 
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Devin Aedo -5F333233333322333333-551
2Carlos Garcia -2F233233333333333335-254
4Frank Vargas 0F343333243323333344056
4Avian Angulo 0F333234353233243433056
4Pedro Vera 0F333333253223433434056
7Jorge Guzman +3F343233333324434435+359
8Mark Brodsky +5F443333333334334444+561
8Sebastian Perez +5F344343332334334534+561
10Bernie Rodriguez +7F344433343334333445+763
10Donald Everage +7F334393343333243334+763
12Mario Guerra +8F442353233533443454+864
12Alexis Gonzalez +8F347244333234343435+864
12Luis Gil +8F344344343333334445+864
15Juan A Alvarez +10F243463344333344445+1066
15Ryan Bobson +10F346234343343344544+1066

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