MEHED (6)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1Markus Paapsi -4F223332323-423
2Renet Eres -2F233233243-225
3Joosep Lamp +2F432334343+229
4Marvo Metsma +3F423435423+330
4Aivar Ots +3F434343333+330
6Kermo Kannik +4F433335433+431
NAISED (4)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1Ave Ots -2F323352223-225
2Anu Ots +12F544544454+1239
3Merilin Must+13F535555444+1340
4Mari-Liis Must+19F565664545+1946

Hole-by-hole statistics

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