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Московский диск-гольф клуб

What is bagtag?

A BagTag is a physical label on your bag. If you are competing with other players who have the same kind of tag, then after the competition, exchange your BagTags according to the results. If you got a better score than the other player, and your BagTag number is greater, then you exchange your BagTags with that player. After making the exchange with the other player, please log in to Metrix and set your new number. This will help others get a good overview of the current situation.

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For all participants of the BagTag Race there is a final tournament "BagTag Challenge" with a money prize.

BagTag price:

For active MDGC member - FREE

For all - 500 RUB

BagTag Rules:

  1. You can purchase a bagtag after the administrator approves the application.
  2. Starting numbers are distributed by the date of application.
  3. Owners have priority in allocating bagtags
  4. During the season, play in tournaments and exchange tags with the players you beat in the round. All RDGA tournaments, local leagues, federal tournaments are taken into account. You can only exchange tags within the game group.
  5. You can challenge the player with the top number, it works only on the Moscow League. One number - one call. Be sure to notify the league director of the call.

BagTag Challenge

  1. Receive an invitation to the final tournament.
  2. Up to 16 players can play in the tournament, selection priority: tag number from 1 to infinity. Registration is open to everyone. The first stage of registration is an invitation to the tournament of the first 16 numbers.
  3. Play Off, Match-play


Winner's BagTag Challenge

2022 year - Sergey Barsukov

2021 year - Aleksander Fomin