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Fiwa Bag Tag Challenge 2020

What is bagtag?

A BagTag is a physical label on your bag. If you are competing with other players who have the same kind of tag, then after the competition, exchange your BagTags according to the results. If you got a better score than the other player, and your BagTag number is greater, then you exchange your BagTags with that player. After making the exchange with the other player, please log in to Metrix and set your new number. This will help others get a good overview of the current situation.

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  • Jede/-r Spieler_in hat das BagTag sichtbar an der Tasche zu tragen.
  • Die bessere Nummer entscheidet, in welcher Runde die Forderung angenommen wird.
  • Spielen BagTag-Besitzer_innen bei einem Turnier in einem Flight, wird automatisch um die Tags gespielt!
  • Flightübergreifende Forderungen nur nach Absprache! Bei Gleichstand gewinnt die bessere Nummer!