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SADG Adelaide Bag Tags - Spring 2021

What is bagtag?

A BagTag is a physical label on your bag. If you are competing with other players who have the same kind of tag, then after the competition, exchange your BagTags according to the results. If you got a better score than the other player, and your BagTag number is greater, then you exchange your BagTags with that player. After making the exchange with the other player, please log in to Metrix and set your new number. This will help others get a good overview of the current situation.

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Welcome to the Spring Bag Tag challenge! The full details of the rules can be found at:




Players participating in the bag tag challenge are encouraged to challenge other players to a round of disc golf. The challenge must consist of a minimum of 9 holes but can be played on any course. Once the round is complete the winner of the round either retains their bag tag (if their tag is the lower number) or swaps for the better number (see examples in the full rules above). League days are an automatic challenge amongst the other players on your card. Players can decline a challenge (except for league days) if; they have already completed a challenge that day OR are unable to attend the requested challenge time/location.


A player holding bag tag 25 or better can only be challenged by other players who are within 7 positions of their own number (except for league days or if your the closest number to 1 at the weekly “Fight for #1” challenge (see below)). This limit does not apply to challenges outside of the top 25.


League Days: Every League Day is an automatic challenge which cannot be declined, regardless of whether or not you have been challenged earlier that day. The “within 7 rule” does not apply during league day.


Fight for #1: Once someone successfully takes possession of the #1 tag they must post on the “Adelaide Disc Golf Discussion” Facebook page that they have the #1 tag as well as a time/date/location/layout that they will be playing within the next 7 days. Failure to post this information within 24 hours of taking possession of #1 will result in an immediate relegation and a direct swap with the #2 tag. The #1 tag holder can nominate a;


  • time between 6am and 8pm

  • date within 7 days of taking possession of tag #1

  • location must be within 50km of Adelaide


If no one within 7 numbers of the #1 tag shows up to the “Fight for #1” round then this rule is waived and the person with the closest number is able to challenge for #1.