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This is the current layout Stony Creek 18 hole layout, with 9 baskets and 9 permanent tee pads along with 9 alternate tee pads.

Course information:

  • Any path and beyond on a hole is out of bounds.  Over any fence also plays as out of bounds. 

Hole-Specific Out of Bounds/Mandatories:

  • 1: Mando left of 1st tree. Missed mando shots play from the left of the base of the mando tree. Mulch lining left and right of the hole is OB.

  • 2: Mulch long and right of basket is OB 

  • 6: Mulch left and long of basket is OB

  • 9:  Mulch long of basket is OB  

  • 10: Played from same teepad as hole 1. Mando right of 1st tree. Missed mando shots play rom the right of the base of the mando tree. Mulch on both sides of fairway is OB.

  • 11: Same OB area as 2 

  • 12: Players tees off from out of bounds. If disc lands OB and never crosses in-bounds, player must re-tee.

  • 13: Players tees off from out of bounds. If disc lands OB and never crosses in-bounds, player must re-tee.

  • 14: Fairway is an island.  Any shots that don’t come to rest in the area beyond the first path and between the left fence and right path have missed the island and are OB.  All OB shots play from the drop zone. Drop zone is hole 5's tee pad. 

  • 15: Same OB area as 6  Player tees off from OB. Any shots that land OB and do not cross in bounds result in a re-tee.

  • 17: Mulch area along both sides of the fairway is in-bounds. Mulch area along right of basket is OB.

  • 18: Same OB area as 9 



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151Tarron Anderson03/04/23 08:00243333442233432323-453
151Clare Hussey05/06/23 08:00233332332333533333-453
151Alex Ritchie05/08/22 08:00423333233333333333-453
151Mike Van der Linden08/20/22 09:15432323332442432333-453
151allen brunsting11/06/22 08:00232443322333433333-453
156Mark Hardy08/28/21 09:00432333332234443233-354
156Patrick Utri09/11/21 09:00342332432432433333-354
156allen brunsting07/03/22 08:00433423432223443233-354
156Pen Liu03/04/23 08:00232433333233343343-354
156allen brunsting10/02/21 09:59233333333233333353-354
156Pen Liu05/06/23 08:00234443243232333333-354
156Peter Barry04/02/23 08:00242433333233433432-354
156Jeff Brunsting10/01/22 08:00532422332233443333-354
156Jeff Brunsting02/05/23 08:00232433323343433333-354
156Jeff Brunsting03/04/23 08:00242333333223434244-354
156Ryan Dear04/02/23 08:00223524332322452433-354
156Mark Hardy09/04/22 09:30242433342332334333-354
156Cale davies03/06/22 08:00452342332232333334-354
156Mark Hardy11/06/22 08:00223433323325343333-354
156Sam Barnett11/06/22 08:00332323332432363333-354
156Carey Edwards10/03/21 13:00333433333343342232-354
156joel paton08/01/21 10:00233323333343453232-354
156Mat Daniels10/01/22 08:00332432333323433343-354
156Chris Scott08/14/21 09:00333333333333333333-354
156joel paton08/28/21 09:00432333332234443233-354
156David Eames03/04/23 08:00432332242333443333-354
156Doug Adams03/06/22 08:00232432342333434333-354
156Samuel Stoia03/04/23 08:00432432223433333343-354
156Doug Adams11/06/22 08:00223423332333443334-354
156Doug Adams03/04/23 08:00422432332433343333-354

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