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  • Comment: Saules kalendāra disku golfa sacensības Rīgā. Sacensības reģistrētas PDGA C-tier. 5 spēlētāju grupas - Vīr., Siev., Vīr. iesācēji, Siev. iesācējas un Jaunieši

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
Vīrieši kuri māk spēlēt (18)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
Bullseye hit11%
Green hit47%
Outside circle putt3
Inside circle putts111111111111177%
Inside bullseye putt6
2Gunārs Grundmanis -8F3322333322432323333-852
3Werner Grün -6F3322333342533322323-654
4Aigars Ancāns -5F3332332322343343324-555
4Pāvels Voitkevičs -5F4222333234533332233-555
6Waseem Mohammed -3F4333352222443323234-357
6Lauris Karlušas -3F5223342333432424233-357
8Reinis Antons -2F5222533222433323435-258
8Pāvels Brokāns -2F5432232243532333423-258
10Andris Mošenkovs 0F4224433333343423334060
Bullseye hit0%
Green hit32%
Outside circle putt0
Inside circle putts1111111111111121189%
Inside bullseye putt3
11Mārcis Bērziņš +1F4322343333424453333+161
11Maksims Voitkevics +1F4232343434533432234+161
14Sergejs Volkovs +3F4233353332443333354+363
15Krists Kulmanis +4F6333333423535332334+464
15Huko Laanoja +4F5323453334433333334+464
15Arnis Makārovs +4F4233353233433434444+464
18★Zintis Felkers +8F4333243223454543536+868
Vīrieši kuri mācās spēlēt (20)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
1Aleksandrs Mizis 0F5232352322443423335060
2Ģirts Sprancis +1F5243343333443323333+161
3Miko Švenis +2F5323252332543433244+262
4anton ågebrant +6F4333442434644332334+666
4Atis Skaris +6F5333353432633333335+666
4Janis Lejins +6F5323543334532234345+666
7Vigo Rudzāts +7F4334344322533543336+767
8Nauris Kalnejs +8F4325353323654524324+868
8Aigars Silo +8F4223442335644434434+868
10★ Kristaps Legzdiņš +9F5343554343443443233+969
11Toms Cers +10F6343343433634433335+1070
Bullseye hit5%
Green hit16%
Outside circle putt1
Inside circle putts11222111111153%
Inside bullseye putt10
12Andris Ziedinjs +12F7333363343543433435+1272
14Maksims Keskin +14F6333363533744333345+1474
15Janis Bariss +15F6344553453643433334+1575
16Jānis Kalnejs +17F8333354333745443345+1777
17Valdis Meiris +18F7333444444644433446+1878
18Didzis Stačs +20F7333344353547534446+2080
19Adrian K. Bieniecki +23F5444363443745543555+2383
20Kārlis Birkenfelds +24F5434444453754554545+2484
Sievietes kuras māk spēlēt (5)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
1Elena Karluša -3F4332342233443323225-357
2Aija Grundmane +6F4323343434653433324+666
3Merit Makrjakov +9F5443354433543432334+969
4Laura Ekharde +13F6333443343563444335+1373
5Zane Voitkeviča +17F5342453353844444336+1777
Sievietes kuras mācās spēlēt (5)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
1Katrīna Jencīte +11F5333343433654443335+1171
2Indra Mize +17F5444454333544554335+1777
3Gunita Skare +23F5464354543555435337+2383
4Urzula Grieze +29F7534654443664555346+2989
4Maarika Mihhailova +29F6544455544554644546+2989
Jaunieši (4)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
1Rainers Balodis -3F4244242222544223234-357
2Darians Galāņins +6F6433353322534423434+666
Bullseye hit5%
Green hit16%
Outside circle putt0
Inside circle putts111111111112186%
Inside bullseye putt7
4Dāvis Birkenfelds +20F5333364433665434537+2080

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UFOGOLF Solar Calendar Events!

Janis of Latvia is considered to be one of the main deities of fertility and light rebirth, it is the form of the summer solstice, a human embodiment. John is said to be literally a comer and a walker who only comes and goes at the summer solstice. By the way, according to ancient stories, only saintly men who used to hold the ancestors' faith in the nation could have previously been called John and John's sons. Midsummer's Day is often also referred to as Herbal Day or Herbal Evening, as it is believed that during the summer solstice, all medicines called "weeds" have maximum, even magical, power and effect, so they must be harvested and applied directly on Ligo Day.

If you have never participated, then this is the place to be, because those who know how will play disc golf better and better.

Format: 19 holes x 2 rounds, PDGA C-tier
Player groups:
1. Men Who Can Play (MPO)
2. Men Learning to Play (MA4)
3. Women Who Can Play (FPO)
4. Women learning the game (FA4)
5. Youth (age under 15) (MJ15)

Participation Fees:
5, - EUR for children / adolescents under 15 years
12, - EUR for annual card holders and members of the UFOGOLF club
15, - EUR when registering before 17th of June. at 24:00 on the DGM page!
18, - EUR late registration and on the race day!

Online registration at www.discgolfmetrix.com. Registration for each subsequent stage will open the day after the race. Pre-registration is considered successful when you register with DGM!



1st place 50 €

2nd place 30 €

3rd place 20 €

4th place sponsor awards

5th place sponsor awards

6th place sponsor awards

MA4; FA4 & MJ15

1st palce sponsor awards

2nd place sponsor awards

3rd place sponsor awards

09:00 on-site registration (those who apply early also need to arrive early)
09:45 players meeting
10:00 start for 1 lap
12:30 pm Lunch included
13:00 start for lap 2
16:00 award ceremony

Those who play all 8 stages will receive special prizes.
Those who complete the 7 stages will receive commemorative prizes.


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