1A2A3A 4 5 67+1011121314151622A2324A252627282930A3132+/-Sum
1Christer Gustavsson, Janne Lisell2332225222333333323343332-1869
2Urban Evjen, Niklas Berg2333235322332333333323432-1671
3Martin Fors, Janne Karlsson3443324322432423333324432-1275
4Alexander Gyllensvärd, Sebastian Hagelin2453325223432423333433332-1176
5Viktor Näslund, edvin humble3442225232342433234334443-978
6Marcus Kratz, William Ripman2333335322432432433344443-879
7Sebastian Wideroos, Oskar Helsing3543335323342333324423433-780
8Martin Therus, Katarina Therus3443236233432533333424343-582

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