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The tournament will take place on 03 july 2021


10:00 Warm up/ Clinics

11:00 1st Round

14:00 2nd Round

16:00 Bla bla bla

If you are an active member of the Moscow Disc Golf Club, participation is free for you. You can check the relevance by following the link

The deadline for payment is Thursday before the league.

To pay for participation, follow the link. I remind you that it is advisable to notify about payment in the telegram chat


Division League
MPO Men's 300 rub
FPO Women's 300 rub
MP40 Masters 300 rub
MA1 Amateur Boys 100 rub
FA1 Amateur Girls 100 rub
MA4 Novice Boys 100 rub
FA4 Novice Girls 100 rub


Denis Migunov https://t.me/denis_migunov

Ivan Yarmushevich http://t.me/johny2308 


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