07/17/21 09:00|Langenthal → LDGC #1 & 2|SWITZERLAND, Oberaargau, Langenthal

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    LDGC #1

    General Information 

    The tournament is a PDGA sanctioned disc golf event. The event will take place in Langenthal, BE. 

    • Category: PDGA C-Tier 
    • Date: Sa. 17.07.2021 
    • Address: Disc Golf Course Langenthal, Weststrasse 33, 4900 Langenthal 
    • Format: Two rounds of competition (2 x 18 holes), Shotgun start, 1h Lunch break after the last group has finished their round. The groups for the second round will be divided amongst category and score, then re-distributed.  
    • Prizes: No prize money or trophies  
    • Layout: Course Map 


    Instructions Covid-19 

    The Tournament complies with all instructions, recommendations, and regulations of the PDGA, the BAG and the regional authorities. For this reason, all participants must adhere to the rules listed below before, during and after the competition. 

    • The organizer adheres to Covid-19 instructions and ordinances of the BAG (BAG guidelines currently with a maximum of 50 people), it is played in groups of maximum 5 people, and a maximum of 100 visitors are allowed.  
    • The tournament is limited to 50 players (If necessary, at the time of the event, adjustments will be made depending on the current BAG guidelines). 
    • Compliance with hygiene measures will be checked. 
    • All body contact should be avoided and only one's own equipment should be touched. 
    • A safety distance of 1.5m or more must be maintained during the competition rounds. If this is not possible, the mask requirement applies. 
    • Avoid unnecessary stays at the tournament office. 
    • Masks are required inside at all times; this includes the bathrooms in the gymnasium. 

    Participation in the competition is prohibited if: 

    • You have tested positive for Covid-19 less than 10 days ago. 
    • You have symptoms of Covid-19. 
    • You are in quarantine because of suspected Corona virus contact or illness. 


    Player Categories 

    The player categories were determined according to PDGA guidelines. Participants register in the category that corresponds to their PDGA rating. Players are permitted to enroll in a category above their rating, but not in one below. Participation in the gold category is only possible if the player’s rating meets the minimum requirements. 

    Players who do not yet have a PDGA rating can register in any category (except gold). The organizer recommends choosing a category that is as close as possible to your own level. If a Disc Golf Metrix rating is available, this can also be used for orientation. If you need help, you can also ask experienced players with whom you have already played. 







    up to 950 / non-rated 


    up to 900 / non-rated 


    up to 850 / non-rated 


    up to 800 / non-rated 



    Monday 12.07 

    • Registration closes at 20:00.  

    Friday 16.07 

    • Course is open for training after 11:00.

    Saturday 17.07. / Tournament Day 

    • Playersmeeting at 9.00 (safety distance must be maintained) 
    • Shotgun start at 9.30 
    • Register at the tournament office a minimum of 30 minutes before players meeting. In the event of a late registration at the TD office, the starting place will be passed on to those present without a spot.   
    • The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule. 



    • Detailed course information is published via Disc Golf Metrix. 
    • The tournament office is in front of the Gymnasium (see course overview).  
    • There are enough parking spaces available on site (see course overview). 

    Registration and Payment 

    • Entry fee: CHF 20 p.p. / Juniors (< 19 years of age) CHF 10.00 p.p 
    • There is the option of paying CHF 5.00 into the MotivaDiscs Acepool (this applies to all Disc Golf tournaments organized by MotivaDiscs). All participants who have paid the optional Acepool fee are eligible to win if they throw an Ace (hole-in-one) during the competition round(s).  
    • Payment information: 

      Bank Details 
      Account Holder: MotivaDiscs GmbH 
      Name of Bank: Bank Cler AG
      IBAN: CH98 0844 0259 1819 9200 1 
    • The fees must be in the account by the registration deadline. It is recommended to make the transfer directly after registering for the event. As soon as the receipt of payment can be seen, the player’s spot is confirmed. Anyone who is not marked as confirmed on Disc Golf Metrix and has already transferred the funds (confirmation from participants is updated at least once a week) should contact us by email (registration@motivadiscs.com). 
    • Participants who have not paid the entry fee on time will lose their starting place.  
    • Participants who have been removed from the starting list due to lack of payment will be replaced by participants from the waiting list in the order of their registration time. 
    • If you are on the waiting list, please pay your entry fee ONLY when you have received a starting place.  
    • Registration takes place in two phases. 
      • Registration phase 1 (04.06.2021, starting at 20.00) 
        Only for members of the Walkabout Disc Golf Club. 
      • Registration phase 2 (05.06.2021, starting at 20.00 – 12.07.2021, until 20.00)
        Open to all. 
    • Wild Cards: Organizers discretion (2) 
    • All wildcard spots will be distributed by 11.07.2021. 


    Cancellation and refund of Entry fee 

    • All cancellations must be made per email to registration@motivadiscs.com.  
    • Do not remove yourself from the competition on Disc Golf Metrix. 
    • Cancellations made in any other way are not considered official cancellations. 


    Contact information 

    E-Mail: registration@motivadiscs.com 

    Tournament Director:  
    Jonas Biniok, 079 962 64 78 

    Assistant Tournament Directors: 
    Tony Ferro, 079 719 11 70 

    Frederick Biniok, 078 841 77 97 




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