1Marko Crefeld -1F333334223-126
    2Johannes Struve 0F442442232027
    2Ole Ringel 0F233453232027
    2Tim Bader 0F343452222027
    5Nicolas Dreessen +1F253343134+128
    6Markus Deichsel +2F343433432+229
    6Lars-Ole Rehders +2F433253342+229
    8Lukas Worret +4F344433334+431
    9Tobias Langmann +7F443454433+734
    10Jan Kalkofen +8F444453443+835

    Hole-by-hole statistics

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    The result was updated on: 2022-03-05 12:39:03. Free discgolfmetrix.com is used

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