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Welcome to the most inspiring and approachable disc golf event of this autumn, PowerPutt Ladies Open!

The competition will be held in Heinola, Finland on 24.9.2022. The event is made for you, disc golfing lady, whatever your level of game is now. ❤️ We have divisions for everyone from first time competitors to professionals and junior girls to above 60-year-olds.

The event is free of charge and you don’t need a PDGA license to attend.

Players register to divisions according to their METRIX-rating or their age group. If this is your first time attending a disc golf competition, you can attend the Beginners division (metrix rating 0) or the relevant age group.

Divisions in this tournament are the following:

  • FPO - Pro Open Women
  • FA1 - Advanced Women (Metrix rating < 875)
  • FA2 - Intermediate Women  (Metrix rating < 825)
  • FA3 - Recreational Women  (Metrix rating < 775)
  • FA4 - Novice Women  (Metrix rating < 725)
  • Beginners (Metrix rating 0)
  • FP40 - Pro Master Women 40+ (age 40 or more)
  • FP50 - Pro Master Women 50+ (age 50 or more)
  • FP60 - Pro Master Women 60+ (age 60 or more)
  • FJ15 - Junior Girls ≤ 15 (age 15 or less)
  • FJ18 - Junior Girls ≤ 18 (age 18 or less)

Registering for the event starts on Friday 29.4. at 18.00 (Helsinki time, EEST) and ends on Thursday 22.9. at 19.00. The event is held on the legendary Heinola DiscGolfPark World, better known as Kippis. Please note that the divisions will be divided to two different courses at Kippasuo and two starting times (=4 groups altogether). The groups can be found below.

The event is organised by Katri Koponen and her disc golf club Puskasoturit, together with the local club Lords of Discgolf (LDG). You can reach Katri by email: katri.koponen@hotmail.com.

The tournament director (TD) is Miikka Saturi and assistant TDs Susanna Virtanen and Riku Tähtinen. The TD team can be reached via the contact link at the top of this Metrix-page.


The competition will be played in four groups on two separate courses during Saturday 24.9. There is still some time before the competition so please take into account potential rating changes during the summer. You can register to divisions above your current rating. The age groups over 40 (master divisions) have been set as Pro status divisions but are meant for everyone who have reached the relevant milestones in life.

Organisers will make last division changes on September 10 to players whose division have changed due to rating changes. Rating changes after this date will not be taken into account but ratings from 10.9.2022 are used in the final event.

NB! Players should actively update their own registering division during summer as there are maximum amount of players that fit each of the four groups. Player might be added to the queue if the other group is already full.

Player meeting will be held 40 minutes before the starting time of each group at the event center. Each group has a maximum of 90 participants and the spots are provided in order of registration:

  • GROUP 1
    • Time: 10:00 (player meeting at 9.20)
    • Course: Kippasuo Pro and white layout
    • Divisions: FA1, FP50, FJ18
  • GROUP 2
    • Time: 10:30 (player meeting at 9.50)
    • Course: Kippasuo Amateur
    • Divisions: FA4, Beginners, FJ15
  • GROUP 3
    • Time: 14:30 (player meeting at 13.20)
      • NB! The round has been postponed by 30 minutes due to photoshoot of all players. Player meeting is held at original time. Check out the event schedule at Metrix News
    • Course: Kippasuo Amateur
    • Divisions: FA3 ja FP60
  • GROUP 4
    • Time: 14:30 (player meeting at 13.30)
      • NB! The round has been brought forward by 30 minutes due to lack of sunlight later on. The player meeting time has also been changed. Check out the event schedule at Metrix News
    • Course: Kippasuo Pro and white layout
    • Divisions: FPO, FP40 ja FA2


  • The address of the venue is Kippasuonväylä 30, 18100 Heinola, Finland.


PowerPutt Ladies Open is a lot more than just the competition round. The event will host a number of fun side events, including throwing clinics and side competitions. The athmosphere is granted! We will try to arrange side events so that each group has a possibility to attend. The FPO division also plays a bit later than the other groups to allow as many players as possible to follow the front players at least a part of the round.

News about the other agenda will be added to the News section of this page and also to the social media profiles of the event. Follow us on Facebook at: https://facebook.com/powerputtopen and Instagram: @powerputtopen.


Welcome to enjoy the day and make miracles happen!


Suomen Frisbeegolfliitto

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