Ruffey Lake Sat June 18: Mixed Social  06/18/22 08:00
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  • Comment: 8am & 1030am tee times. Cap of 60 players. Will integrate Womens SD into 1030am round

Handicap (HC) calculation by Metrix rating

NoNameRatingResultHCSum (Result-HC)
1curt moulton7765718.6738.33
2Ashley Weidner7036424.7539.25
3David Eames6496929.2539.75
4David Perry971432.4240.58
5Aaron DeBuhr7206523.3341.67
6Mark Hardy917496.9242.08
7Doug Adams8485512.6742.33
8Mark Johnson6717027.4242.58
9Tom Mason6896925.9243.08
10Brett Bobridge7786218.543.5
11Michael Kennedy7706319.1743.83
12Sven Nuutmann8495712.5844.42
13Kim Michell6747227.1744.83
14Matti Pearsall8196015.0844.92
15Phil Morgan8485812.6745.33
16Tarron Anderson893558.9246.08
17Dan Bradshaw8585811.8346.17
18Mike Jeffcott7996316.7546.25
19Lachlan Cashman8485912.6746.33
19Patrick Eldridge8485912.6746.33
21Cale davies909547.5846.42
22David Heath7346922.1746.83
23Michael Spangenberg8575911.9247.08
24Lachlan Kennedy736702248
24Anthony Pearsall820631548
26Chris Ronalds946534.548.5
27Oscar Fehlberg918566.8349.17
28Mat Daniels808661650
29allen brunsting921576.5850.42
30Jacob Cruden90459851
31Jay Ros913617.2553.75
32Lachlan McKenzie5883.33-25.33
33Albie Cunningham5983.33-24.33
35Wayne Eames9183.337.67

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
2022 member (32)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1David Perry -14F223222322242333222-1443
2Mark Hardy -8F223322223243243433-849
3Chris Ronalds -4F234432323242434332-453
4Cale davies -3F224332333243443522-354
5Tarron Anderson -2F233343222244354333-255
5Doug Adams -2F433333323343244233-255
7Oscar Fehlberg -1F223332322255344533-156
8Sven Nuutmann 0F223333332343345443057
8curt moulton 0F333333233243543433057
8allen brunsting 0F433233343253343333057
11Lachlan McKenzie +1F334333324253344333+158
11Dan Bradshaw +1F343233333343443433+158
11Phil Morgan +1F453432332334244432+158
14Patrick Eldridge +2F423333333353344334+259
14Lachlan Cashman +2F232533333353543234+259
14Michael Spangenberg +2F334343334343343333+259
14Albie Cunningham +2F234233323354344434+259
14Jacob Cruden +2F234333323344454333+259
19Matti Pearsall +3F543333322343445423+360
20Brett Bobridge +5F344244333243444344+562
21Anthony Pearsall +6F433335333345344334+663
21Mike Jeffcott +6F343333334363544333+663
21Michael Kennedy +6F334333333354444443+663
24Ashley Weidner +7F334234433363444533+764
25Aaron DeBuhr +8F335343333454254443+865
26Mat Daniels +9F453342425343444534+966
27David Heath +12F443343334354455633+1269
27Tom Mason +12F244433343354345555+1269
27David Eames +12F333354333364454445+1269
30Lachlan Kennedy +13F454334343563354434+1370
30Mark Johnson +13F354333433354555534+1370
32Kim Michell +15F543343334454464544+1572
Non Member (1)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Jay Ros +4F333322433355344443+461
First time at a Social Day (2)+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Lo +7F434533332354454432+764
2Wayne Eames +34F545455544465676655+3491


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