03/12/22 09:30|temporär 14 Bahnen|GERMANY, München (Stadt), München

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 91011121314+/-Sum
1Bastian Fischer -2F42353322233245-243
2Andreas Kucera -1F43343333323334-144
3Lorenz Schneider 0F42344233333344045
4Stefan Renner +3F42443334233346+348
4Werner Riebesel +3F33353433333345+348
6Christian Prescher +4F52354333334245+449
7Harald Kucera +5F54443344423235+550
7Philip Röber +5F54453332344334+550
7Hajo Lohbrandt +5F44373233333345+550
10Albin Hjalmarsson +6F53344353333345+651
11Michael Stordisc +12F63364433443347+1257
12Anika Schmiedeke +13F53455453524346+1358
13Diego Röber +24F54465546555348+2469

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