1. Round2. Round3. Runde - Pool A3. Runde - Pool BSum
 Gold > 900 (16)    
1Emanuel Kroll464724117
2Lorenz Schneider484824120
3Lukas Kreutzer514624121
3Werner Riebesel514624121
5Christian Plesker465027123
6Christian Oswald524725124
6Sebastian Kreutzer494827124
6Christoph Kroll524626124
9Thomas Melcher534725125
10Joshua Ritter584327128
11Guido Reinhart534927129
12Matthias Küster534730130
13Markus Jeschek504934133
13Maximilian Lorenz584629133
13Paul Stolte544831133
16Sven Prey614632139
 Damen (9)    
1Jessica Cowley544628128
2Nathali Palencia Martin584927134
3Sonja Reinhart604931140
5Bianca Neumann684634148
6Katja Kölbl724831151
7Sabine Kensy704933152
8Pia Krismansky764735158
9Klara Hausberger805041171
 Junioren 18 (2)    
1Diego Röber674631144
2Joe-Ann Kölbl734836157
 Red < 900 (18)    
1Fabian Philipp504626122
2Marvin Mundt554326124
3David Meffert504829127
4Lars Birkner544826128
5Andreas Obenauf544926129
6Philip Röber544729130
6Enzo Pedaci565024130
8Thomi Neumann594626131
9Philip Fürstenhöfer574432133
9Michael Gschmeissner544633133
11Harald Kucera554831134
11Karl-Heinz Warnke594827134
11Karsten Webel564830134
14Carlos Palencia Martin604728135
15Henning Stumpf624728137
16Christopher Kranz555429138
16Christian Buck574833138
18Christian Prescher594931139
 Green < 850 (14)    
1Falko Braak544925128
2Johannes Blondin565024130
2Bastian Anedda525127130
4Michael Schwarz554927131
5Tomás Pérez515130132
6Florian Steltner525427133
6Tobias Hannappel594727133
8Gianni Ripa545327134
9Hannes Herrmann594828135
10Ortwin Pelger594632137
11Sebastian Ziegler595029138
12Jan Baganz595131141
13Jannik Schüler585431143
14Stefan Heckelsmüller645131146
 Ohne Rating (13)    
1Nils Fröchtenicht554427126
2Tobias Orobko545025129
2Jacob Speith554628129
4Nico Brachmann554829132
5Udo Kern535327133
6Thomas Eberle594929137
6Konrad Beck604730137
8Jody Verboomen595326138
8Christian Kaiser545133138
10Simon Klemm625428144
11Lukas Roth665130147
11Simon Ruisinger615333147
13Felix Gruber674839154

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SST Gößweinstein 2022 --> Registration only here turniere.discgolf.de

On April 30.2022 also the HyzerCrew starts into the tournament season. All are welcome at the SST in Gößweinstein.
Those who want to can combine their trip to Franconian Switzerland with another tournament. On Sunday the Leinen Los Open 2022 will take place.

Date & Schedule:
- Saturday, April 30, 2022
- 8:00 Registration
- 8:30 Players Meeting
- 9:00 am Tee-Off 1st Round
- 11:30 a.m. Lunch Break
- 12:30 Tee-Off 2nd Round
- 15:00 Tee-Off 3rd round

Tournament format
We play 18 holes:
- 1st round: Singles
- 2nd round: Doubles
- 3rd round: Singles: 9 lanes in two pools      

Registration & Contact
- Registration opens on Thursday, 31.03.2022 20:00
- We will play WITHOUT scorecards, one person from each flight MUST take notes online on Metrix.
  Also, each player needs an account on Metrix (it's free).
  Starting place allocation in the first round, with a person familiar with the location, if possible.
- Fee: 12 Euro (juniors 6 Euro) 
- Maximum number of players: 72
- Questions about the tournament will be answered by Simone (simone@hyzercrew.de), Enzo (enzo@hyzercrew.de) or the Leinen Los Team (info@leinen-los.de).

Allocation of starting places:
- We will allocate the starting places after registration and receipt of money. First come, first serve.
- The club will allocate up to 20 wildcards up to 10 days after the start of the registration. After that the unallocated wildcards will go into the general pool. We will keep 2 wildcards just in case.

- We will play the layout from last year.
- Tie breaker in sudden death mode (lane 1,2,3).

The team of Leinen Los will take care of food and drinks. 
You can order your lunch at the registration and if you want you can pay for it with your entry fee. 
Coffee, tea and fruit is free of charge.

Location & Directions
- The address: Schützenstraße 1, 91327 Gößweinstein (49.7751376, 11.3415133)
- Public transport: Via Forchheim, either via Ebermannstadt with the regional train R22 and then with bus 234 (direction Neudorf) or directly from Forchheim with bus 222 (direction Gößweinstein). The bus stop is always Gößweinstein Freibad.
- By car: Just enter Disc Golf Leinen Los into the usual navigation systems.

Other information
- Ace-Pool-Participation: 1 Euro (payment on site) 
- Dixi is available
- Unfortunately we cannot offer overnight accommodations this year. 
  However, there are many accommodations for every taste and budget in Gößweinstein and the surrounding area.

- Cancellation up to 2 weeks before the start of the tournament: Full refund of entry fee 
- Cancellation up to 1 week before the start of the tournament: refund of half the entry fee
- Cancellation less than one week before the start of the tournament: no refund of the entry fee
- Meal up to 1 week before the tournament in full. After that no refund.

Photography and media use: 
The club and Leinen Los will take photos at the event and publish them on social media. We will of course ask you beforehand.

Corona regulations: 
We will follow the regional regulations and inform you if something changes.


What would you like to share?