07/06/22 02:30|TYYNI Nevas → Ramirent Nevas 2022|FINLAND, Etelä-Suomi, Uusimaa, Sipoo

TYYNI After Dawn - Nevas #2

TYYNI After Dawn is a quite special PDGA event. This event is played at night! Don't worry, there will be light enough in th Finnish summer night. Unique experience, especially for foreign players but also for Finnish people.

From this page you can find a lot of important information concerning TYYNI After Dawn event. Read the given info carefully. If you can't find what you are looking for, read it again and check also "Questions and answers" section down below. If you still can't find the answer, send email to events@nbdg.fi.


General information

  • TYYNI After Dawn - Nevas #2
  • Tuesday-Wednesday night, starting time at July 6th at 02:30 am
  • PDGA C-tier
  • One competition round with shotgun start
  • MPO, FPO, MP40, FA40
  • MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3
  • Pros playing am is valid


  • Tyyni - Ramirent Nevas
  • Address: Sprängmanintie, Sipoo (Google maps)
  • Tournament office nearby the parking lot
  • Detailed course information: Tyyni.com 


  • Organizer: Natural Born Disc Golfer
  • Contacts before the event: events@nbdg.fi
  • TD Miikka Saturi (+358 50 528 0797)
  • Assisting TD Sari Orjatsalo


  • 02:00 - 02:15 | Registration and mandatory players meeting
  • 02:30 - 06:00 | Competition round with shotgun start

Subject to change

Registration and entry fee


  • Registration in advance via Metrix

Entry fee

  • Entry fee is 20,00 € in all divisions, includes course fee
  • Entry fee must be paid immediately after registration
  • If you end to waitlist, do not pay the fee until you get the spot to event

Payment options

  • NBDG webshop
  • MobilePay
    Payment to number 39899 (NBDG Events)
    Message: Event name, date and player's name

Withdrawals and refunds

  • All withdrawals should be done by email or phone call, to contact named above
  • Do not remove you registration by yourself
  • Entry fee is refunded if:
    A) Withdrawal is done by instructions at the latest 7 days before the event
    B) Withdrawal is done by instructions 2-7 days before the event and the spot can be filled from waitlist
  • A processing fee of 5 € can be reduced from the refund

Competition rules

  • PDGA C-tier one round event
  • PDGA rules, FDGA competition rules
  • PDGA membership required from foreign players, SFL competition license from Finnish players
  • Smoking, vaporing and use of any other tobacco product (incl. snus) is prohibited at tournament center and during the round from 2 minutes signal to the return of score card


  • Duplex score keeping (Metrix + paper scorecard)
  • Both platforms are official, players are responsible for their own scores in both platforms
  • Metrix and paper card scores must match to each other
  • Whole group must be present for returning the score card and all players needs to sign their scores in metrix
  • Unsigned Metrix score = unreturned score card


  • This event is only for experiences, no prizes or trophies

Questions and answers

How dark it is during the event? Do I need LEDs or flashlight?
- It is not dark out there. There might some a little bit darker places in the woods, but generally speaking there will be enough light and you won't need any extra lights or LEDs.

Do I really need to join the players meeting?
- Yes. We play at night time and there is important information concerning your safety

What happens if I skip the players meeting?
- Then you are not allowed to play. Players meeting is obligatory for everyone

I am coming to play with two friends of mine. Can we play in the same group?
- No, unless you have a good luck in the lottery. Groups will be generated randomly. 

My friend is not a PDGA member. Can he play the round with me?
- No. This is a PDGA event and PDGA membership is required. He may follow you through the competition round or be your caddy, but he is not allowed to play in the event.


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