Offene steirische Discgolf-Landesmeisterschaften 2022 [pdga C-tier]

    Welcome to the Open Styrian Discgolf Championships 2022 !
    This tournament will be held on Saturday September 24 and is advertised as pdga C-tier.
    The Discgolfclub Graz (DGCG) is pleased to invite you to the discgolf course on the Schöckl !

    We determine the styrian winners (main residence styria). Players from abroad can of course secure a possible tournament victory.

    The Course:

    2 x 18 holes (including the new interesting holes #4 and #5 from the previous Schöckl Open 2022) are scheduled, the course map is linked in "Manual" (see header).

    Alpine terrain (1400m sea level) is waiting for you, according to this some meters of altitude are to overcome.
    The course layout offers different shots to be mastered and asks for several aspects in our sport.
    Solid footwear due to the inclines and weatherproof clothing are strongly recommended.

    Date & Time:

    Friday, 23 September 2022
       The course is available for practice the whole day
       Last cable car ride at 17:00 !!! Day ticket has to be paid by yourself.

    Saturday, 24 September 2022
       8:30: Start cable car, starting warmup already before is recommended
       9:20: Tee off 1st round
       Lunch break (Alpengasthaus)
       13:30 (planned): Tee off 2nd round
       Award ceremony shortly after the last group has finished (~16:45)
       Last cable car ride at 18:00 (weekend: one hour later) !!!  Ticket sponsored by Holding Graz.


    Registration starts on Sunday, September 4, 21:00

    Pdga-membership is not mandatory.

    Attention, we offer 2 registration phases (see Registration/Anmeldung):
    --> Phase 1 (3 days): only for players with Styrian main residence ! Unauthorized registrations will be cancelled (Metrix doesn't offer such a free definable function to control the registration phase)
    --> Phase 2: open for all players.

    The tournament fee is 20€ for all Open classes and 10€ for the Junior classes (1€ for ace pot included !).
    Please pay the fee to our account as soon as you are registered!

    Union Discgolfclub Graz
    IBAN: AT60 2081 5000 4403 4825
    Intended purpose: StLM-2022 + name(s)

    In case of a reasonable cancelling, we transfer back your money.
    In case of a cancelling without excuse, we reserve the rigths to retain the tournament fee.

    If the wheather forecast is REALLY bad (!), we reserve the rights to cancel the tournament latest 2 days before (Thursday) !!!
    The tournament fee will be remitted of course.


    Schöckl (= name of the mountain)

    Bottom station cable car
    Schöcklstraße 21
    8061 St. Radegund bei Graz

    47.185833   15.486389
    N 47° 11.15   E 15° 29.18333

    Food, Accomodation:

    Lunch at the restaurant "Alpengasthof".
    Select a soup during registration (5€ incl. bread). Pay on site.

    If you want to stay overnight from Friday to Saturday at the Alpengasthof (top of the mountain), please contact them directly: https://www.alpengasthofamschoeckl.at/ (Telephone or E-Mail, mention discgolf tournament).
    If you choose this, please contact us concerning cable car ride.


    Otfried Derschmidt
    E-Mail: otfried.derschmidt at chello dot at
    Mobile: +43 (0)680 2303877

    Michael Narath
    E-Mail: michael.narath at yahoo dot com
    Mobile: +43 (0)664 9438380


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