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NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415+/-Sum
1 Johannes Kropf, Nils Wöhrle-9F322323323232222-936
2 Andrew GottWorth, Lauren GottWorth-8F322333323222322-837
3 Sascha Protz, Benedict Haselsberger-7F222333323322233-738
3 Maya Jagoda, Peer Hastenteufel-7F332322323232323-738
5 Christian Kregelin, Christian Zühr-5F222433322223343-540
5 Ana Maria Scutaru, Bo Frey-5F323333333322322-540
7 Peter Hartfiel, Martin Zipper-4F323323333323233-441
7 Dominik Hopmann, Oskar Krzykowski-4F322433433232232-441
7 Rouven Jolie, Lenny Jolie-4F423333323332232-441
7 Johannes Selle, Sebastian Bonczek-4F332323332333332-441
11 Anton Hopmann, Julia Hopmann-3F222333344332332-342
11 Alexander Schubert, Thomas Kellermeier-3F232333423333233-342
13 Martin Weinkopf, Kevin Hoffmann-1F244333433223323-144
14 Florian Preisler, Robin Rahn0F433333433332233045
14 Marcus T Andersson, August Blom0F434332333233333045
16 Sebastian Bachmann, Kateryna Bachmann+1F332433433343332+146
16 Oscar Lohse, Raphaël Adrien+1F443433324232333+146
18 pesky, Torri+3F333424433343333+348
19 Sophia, Katharina+15F344455434443445+1560

Hole-by-hole statistics

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We invite you to take part in a 1 round doubles tournament on Sunday the 23rd of October.

We are excited for everybody taking part as we will be supporting a good cause together. The tournament is a collaboration with the International OCD Foundation and is part of their One Million Steps for OCD Walk series. After the doubles round you can join us and take part in the OCD walk and learn about OCD and help raise awareness.

What the International OCD Federation says about this:

You can register and donate for the walk here: https://support.iocdf.org/berlin


-10:00 registration for the doubles tournament

- 10:15 Playersmeeting

- 10:45 Tee-Time 

- 13:00 Check-in OCD Walk 

- 13:30 Introduction / Ceremony 

- 13:45 - 14:15 Walk

We will meet at the teepad of hole 5 at the soccer field both for registration and in between the round and the walk.

The fee to play the doubles will be 2€ for each team.

If you have any further questions please contact us at kropf@pfeffersport.de

We look forward to seeing everyone, you Pfeffersport Discgolf Pepper Discs Berlin Team!


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