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    NoNameMetrix rating1234Sum
    1Igor Ekimtsov861+3+7+10
    2Max Skobelev789+9+9+18
    3Alexander Fomin915-6-6
    4Evgenii Makin84100
    5Aleksandr Kvasnikov820+5+5
    5Nikita Sergeev787+5+5
    7Aleksey Trunilin750+7+7
    7Vladimir Stepanov769+7+7
    9Konstantin Gololobov846+8+8
    9Владимир Бычков804+8+8
    11ГРИГОРИЙ СТЕПАНОВ840+12+12
    12Степан Степанов779+14+14
    13Anton Agaev735+16+16
    14Иван Яковлев+17+17
    15Sergey Nazhestkin731+20+20
    16Левый Барсук690+21+21
    17Sasha Sasha405+34+34
    18Арсений Степанов358+54+54
    1Elena Csea397+34+34

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    Divisions: Men's and Women's only

    Goal: To spend time in the company of good people, to get up to speed, and at the end to gently end the disc golf season 2023

    Contributions: free for all

    Rankings: may be counted RDGA

    Layouts: as the situation warrants. There's always Skolkovo and Pioneers, possibly Orekhovo


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