Alpaca Open 2023 powered by Prodigy Disc (AT)  03/18/23-03/19/23

Alpaca Open 2022

Alpaca Open 2023 is a disc golf popup tournament on foothills of the Austrian Alps in Stiwoll near Graz, Styria.

This AustroTour event is a 2-day PDGA C-tier tournament played over 3 rounds. Two rounds with a shotgun start on Saturday the 18th of March and one round with golf start on Sunday 19th of March 2023. National and international players are welcome!

Alpaca Open 2023 will have one layout for all divisions:

  • Gold layout:
    2417m, PAR 60 (with a PAR-round rating of ~990).

We offer following divisions:

  • Divisions part of AustroTour:
    MPO played (PDGA rating of >=800)
    FPO played (PDGA rating of >=700)
    MJ18 played (PDGA rating of >=700)
  • Divisions not part of AustroTour:
    MP40 played (PDGA rating of >=800)
    FP40 played (PDGA rating of >=700)

This temporary course will be available for practice (tournament ready) latest on Friday 17th of March 2023. For any possible practice before Friday you must contact the TDs first and clarify the state of the parcours & conditions.

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Note on player numbers:
If there are less than 3 participants in a division we will merge this division with the next higher one (i.e. FP40 -> FPO).
Maximum number of participants is 90. Therefore on Saturday the maximum flight size is 5 players. On Sunday the maximum flight size will be 4.
Wildcards will be distributed by discretion of the TDs.



Alpaca Open 2023 is supported by:


 https://www.discgolf.at/  KAWEA


Course Property Rules

We have the permit to use the property of 3 local farmers, which have hardly any ties to disc golf. To ensure that we have the chance to keep Alpaca Open an annual event, there are some important points to follow:

  • Do not litter! Do not leave any garbage, cigarette butts, etc. behind! The property is used for feeding farm animals. Any garbage can make them ill.
    As reminder: Littering is a courtesy violation in the PDGA rule, which can result in disqualification.
  • Only use gates or marked openings to cross fences (do not climb over them!). The reason is that we are trying to avoid any damage on the property of the farmers. If some damage happens, no worries, but please tell us so that we can fix it. Happy farmers, happy disc golfers :)
  • There is a designated private area (around the private house near the tournament headquarter - see overview map): Please respect this space and do not trespass.



Details to the layouts can be found on UDisc or Disc Golf Metrix.

Gold layout

The Gold layout is a PAR 60 18-hole course with a length of 2417m and a PAR-rating of ~990. Gold layout is played by all divisions.
The layout is planned to be identical to last year's Gold layout with the exception of hole 10, which is a new PAR 3 with ~137m.
Rules for every hole will be published in the CaddyBook and released before the tournament (last year's Caddy book can be downloaded here: CaddyBook (Gold Layout). If there are differences between information sources the CaddyBook has precedence.

Practice areas

Practicing is possible on the whole course until 2 minutes before a round starts. You can also warm up in our driving/approach area or the putting zone (see overview map). Practicing on the course during the rounds, especially the 3rd round (starts 08:40) is prohibited so therefore please use our practicing areas to warm up.

Special course rules

All rules based on current PDGA Official Rules with following additions:

  • Relief on any barbed wire fence is up to 2m perpendicular to the fence. You may not cross the fence to mark your relieved lie, if your previous lie is in-bounds.
    If your disc was out-of bounds you either can take the normal PDGA rule "one meter away from the point where the disc was last in-bounds" (806.02.D.2) or 2m perpendicular to the fence relief.
  • The course uses public roads as tee pads or as part of the fairway. Before each throw ensure that roads are free and give way to vehicles and pedestrians. Use a spotter where necessary.
  • Spotters are required on hole 13 and 14 . Please refer to the tee signs.
  • If your disc lands within Alpaca meadow (hole 1 or 9) or the cell tower fence (hole 13) do not retrieve your disc by entering the fenced area! Please inform TD to retrieve your disc after your round.



  • Car:
    Use following GPS coordinates on your navigation system to guide you (addresses do not work correctly on most navigation system in our area):
    47.11803, 15.21734 (47°07'05"N, 15°13'02"E)
    Please only use the designated parking area (see overview map). As parking space is limited we encourage arranging carpools.
  • Public transportation:
    With ÖBB you can travel to the train station Judendorf-Straßengel (same fare zone as Graz!) and from there you can use the local shared taxi service GUSTmobil, which brings you directly to our tournament headquarters.
    Prices are reasonable: i.e. one-way from Judendorf-Straßengel train station costs 5€ for 1pax, 6€ for 2pax, 7,50€ for 3pax, etc. If you have an Austrian "Klima Ticket" the price will be reduced by 50%.
    You should book your taxi service in advance. Use "GU 1733" as target address when booking so you get dropped off directly at our tournament headquarters.



Friday, 17th of March 2023

The whole day the course is available for practice.
If you have time you can already do an "early registration" and gain you some sleeping time the next morning. Please come to the headquarters for this.

Saturday, 18th of March 2023

07:20 Registration (latest until 07:50)

08:30 Round 1 with shotgun start

12:00 Lunch break

~13:30 Round 2 with shotgun start (start time will be announced, if different)

~17:30 Putting contest, Raffle Ticket draw, CTP awards and bonfire-come-together

Sunday, 19th of March 2023

On round 3 all groups will start from hole 1 (golf start). Starting order: Juniors, FP40, MP40, MPO, FPO

First group tees off at 08:40. Last group will start at around ~12:35 (=FPO leadcard).

Award ceremony will start shortly after the last group finishes hole 18 (~16:00).



We offer cash prizes (or vouchers for amateur players) according to the PDGA rules. We target a total purse of more than 1.500 € (depending on the number of players, expenses, etc.). Final purse value will be published before the event.

In addition, we have non-cash prizes like disc golf bags, dyed discs, etc. in a value of at least 800 €.

In each division the first 25% players will get prizes with a minimum of the three podium places.


Players pack

Every participant gets a free and healthy cardamon-mint KAEWA drink from our Styrian sponsor.  KAWEA


Please pay as soon you get a spot (not on the waiting list). If you do not pay within 1 weeks we will remove you from the registration. Please add all non-free side-events - in which you like to participate - to the bank transfer as it is stated in the registration confirmation mail.

Registration fees:

  • Divisions MPO, MP40, FPO & FP40:
    45 €
  • Division MJ18:
    35 €

Bank details

Raiffeisen Regionalbank Mödling
Roman Pfarrhofer
A-8113 Stiwoll 64
IBAN: AT26 3225 0080 0003 2722
Alpaca Open 2023 [your name]


Refund policy

We will refund the tournament fees if:

  • we are not allowed/able to hold this event.
  • you cancel your participation at least 1 week before the event.

Please, note that in case of a refund, the refund processing fee of about 3 € will be deducted from the refund amount. 


Meals and drinks

On both days we will offer coffee, cake, non-alcoholic drinks and beer. Tap water will be available for free.

On Saturday we additionally offer potato goulash with (non-vegetarian) and without sausages (vegetarian). Please choose your favorite option during registration so we can plan an appropriate number of meals.


Side events

All side events with additional fees are optional. If you want to participate please add the value to your bank transfer or pay latest during the morning registration on Saturday.

Prodigy Disc Europe Raffle Ticket (free):

Every participant in last and this year's Alpaca Open has a chance to win a PDGA-approved Prodigy basket. If you have participated in both events your chances for winning are doubled. The drawing will be done after round 2 at the tournament center.

Note: The basket is as good as new. It was only used for Alpaca Open side events. The basket will not be shipped and has to be picked up at the end of this event or afterwards.

CTP (free):

We have a "Closest To Pin" award on hole 8 (57m) during both rounds on Saturday. Winners (first three closest lies count) will be awared directly after round 2 at the tournament center. Prodigy bags are waiting for you!

Birdie Challenge sponsored by discgolf4you (free):

In this free challenge the player who birdies (or better) the most different holes after 3 rounds gets an additional prize (several birdies on the same hole are only counted once)! If more than one player has the same number of holes birdied, the tie breaker is the difficulty of the birdied holes based on all results after three rounds.

Eagle Hunt (free):

As we trust in the difficulty of our Gold layout and therefore we bet that it is impossible to have an eagle on the Gold layout:
Therefore, any player on the Gold layout - who scores a tournament eagle on a PAR 4 or 5 hole - will share a 100 € prize sponsored by us.

Ace Pot (extra 3 €)

If you hit an ace, you will earn the pot. In case of two or more aces, the pot will be splitted. In case of no ace during the whole tournament the money stays in the pot and waits for the first ace until the next Alpaca Open.

Last year we had 2 aces on the Gold, but no aces on White layout. Therefore, this year's ace pot is prefilled with 69 €.

Stableford Challenge (extra 10  €)

Imaging you are having the best tournament of your life, but still get 4th place? This must not suck, if you participate in our stableford challenge, where you can win if you play better than your personal PDGA rating.

All stableford challenge participants get a calculated handicap: 

Your handicap equals the number of additional possible throws per round in comparison to the best rated player in the challenge (independent from the division).

For example:
If the best player has a PDGA rating of 1000 and you have 900, you have 11 additional throws per round.

There is a 100% payout for the top quarter of participants after 3 rounds. Each winner gets around 50% more than the player behind him.

For example:
If there are 20 participants the first 5 participants split the pot of 200€ like this:

  1. 77€
  2. 51€
  3. 34€
  4. 23€
  5. 15€

Preconditions for participating in the Stableford Challenge:

  • Participation fee of 10€
  • minimum of 5 PDGA events (to have a "stable" rating)



Current Austrian COVID-19 laws do not demand any vaccinated, cured or tested certificates to participate in events.

However, please take preventive measures as you see fit (see PDGA Covid Guidelines).

For participants traveling from abroad to Austria:

  • FFP2 masks are still required in doctor's offices, hospitals, pharmacys and therelike (refer to signs at the entrance). If you do not have a FFP2 mask you get them at any supermarket.


Other general rules

  • Main scoring tool is Disc Golf Metrix. Additionally, one player in each group should score with UDisc so you are able to double check scores at the end of the round or if scoring in Metrix is not possible.
    If requested, a paper scoring card will be handed out (see rule update by PDGA in 2022).



A list of small rooms/appartements in the area we have already accommodated guests. However they can get full quickly. If this is the case use your booking service of choice to find a fitting accomodation for you.

  • Reichkrieglhof
    Stiwoll 78, 8113 Stiwoll
    +43 664 512 86 31 (please book via phone)


Contact info

See PDGA Event Info.


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