07/03/23 08:00 Golfstart|Keinukallio 2023|FINLAND, Uusimaa, Kerava

TYYNI One Round - Keinukallio 

On this page you will find a lot of important information about this event, so read it carefully. If you can't find needed information, read again and also check for the "Questions and answers" section in the end of the page. If information is still missing, send an email to events@nbdg.fi.


General information

  • TYYNI One Round - Keinukallio
  • Monday, July 3rd
  • PDGA C-tier
  • One competition round with tee-time starts
  • MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MP50, FP50
  • MA1, FA1, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4
  • MJ18, FJ18
  • Pros playing am is valid


  • Organizer: Natural Born Disc Golfer
  • In co-operation: Frisbeegolf Club Keinukallio
  • Email contacts: events@nbdg.fi
  • TD Mikko Wikman, assisting TD Ville Helenius
  • Course officials:
    ​​​​​​​Marco Hyvärinen, +358 40 7337 039

Preliminary schedule

  • 07:30 Tournament office opens
  • 08:00 - 19:00 Starts with pre-booked tee-times
    Short group meeting 15 minutes before tee-time at tournament office
  • Preliminary schedule, subject to change


  • Keinukallion frisbeegolfrata
  • Address: Keinukalliontie 47, Kerava (Google maps)
  • Tournament office at hole #1 tee
  • Detailed course information will be published at Tyyni.com

Registration and fees


  • Registration and tee-time booking should be done in advance via Disc Golf Metrix 
  • You must choose your preliminary tee-time when registering
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE! Tee-times may change a little bit after registration is closed. This is a PDGA event and each group must have at least three players. Due to these circumstances tournament director may have to merge groups and change some of the tee-times. All changed tee-times will be delayed to next possible tee-time. Check your tee-time before the event!

Entry fee

  • Entry fee in pro and amateur divisions is 15,00 €
  • Entry fee must be paid in advance while registering to event. Unpaid players can be removed from the event without further notice
  • NBDG Junior Program is valid in this event. There is no entry fee for junior divisions (MJ18, FJ18)

Payment options

  • NBDG store
    NOTICE! Choose to correct event from menu
  • MobilePay (with Finnish accounts)
    Payment to number 39899 (NBDG Events)
    Message: Tyyni One Round Keinukallio and players name

Withdrawals and refunds

  • Make the withdrawal by email to events@nbdg.fi
  • Entry fee is refunded if:
  • A) Withdrawal is done by email at the latest 7 days before the event
  • B) Withdrawal is done by email 2-7 days before the event and spot can be filled 
  • 5 € processing fee can be reduced from the refund (PDGA competition manual 1.03)


  • PDGA C-tier sanctioned event
  • PDGA rules and competition manual applied
  • Valid PDGA membership is required from foreign players and SFL competition license from Finnish players 
  • Smoking, vaporing and use of any other tobacco products is prohibited at the tournament office and all time during the competition round
  • No sudden deaths will be played due to the playing format
  • Organizer has reserved 10 wild card spots. These spots can be shared before the registration begins

Score keeping

  • Duplex score keeping (Metrix + paper scorecard)
  • Both platforms are official, players are responsible for their own scores in both platforms
  • Metrix and paper card scores must match to each other
  • Whole group must be present for returning the score card and all players need to sign their scores in Metrix
  • Unsigned Metrix score = unreturned score card


MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MP50, FP50

  • Money prizes
  • Payout 30% from entry fee
  • Prize share TOP20%
  • Amateur player is allowed to change money prize to voucher to preserve to amateur status
    Announcement must be done to TD right after the competition round
  • Money prizes will be paid via PayPal, at the latest after Tyyni main event 

MA1, FA1, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4 *

  • Voucher prizes to NBDG store
  • Payout 30% from entry fee
  • Prize share TOP20%
  • Vouchers will be delivered by email after the Tyyni week

* Finnish DGA's guidelines with maximum voucher prizes will be followed
MA1/FA1 >> 5 x entry fee
MA2/FA2 >> 4 x entry fee
MA3/FA2 >> 3 x entry fee
MA4/FA4 >> 2 x entry fee
After reached the maximum, surplus will be shared to following positions

No result based prizes in junior divisions. Junior player has the possibility to reach for voucher prizes by joining amateur divisions.

Final prize shares will be published in Metrix news. Money and voucher prize winners should fill in a form with required details. Link to that form is published simultaneously with the prize shares.

Questions & answers

Where can I find my tee-time? Or my friend's tee-time?
- Tee-times are shown in the players list. Tee-times can also be found in the upper part of this page (Show groups: Click here).

I am registered to the event with a specific tee-time. My plans changed and I want to change my tee-time. Is it possible?
- It can be possible. If registration is still open and there are open times, you can make changes to your registration and choose another tee-time. If registration is already closed, you have to contact competition manager via email to events@nbdg.fi and ask for a change. If there are available spots, the change can be done.

I am coming to play with two friends of mine. Can we play in the same group?
- Yes, it is possible. You need to pick a group with enough free spots and make registrations to that group. Notice: There might be minor changes within the groups, if tournament director needs to merge some groups.

I am gonna be late from my tee-time. What should I do?
- Don't be late. This is a PDGA event with tee-times and your round starts at given time. After tee-times are confirmed, no changes can be done due to being late. Anyway, if you are going to be late, take contact to competition manager and try to hurry up. You will get par+4 from every whole you miss.

My friend is not a PDGA member. Can he play the round with me?
- No. This is a PDGA event and PDGA membership is required. He may follow you through the competition round or be your caddy, but he is not allowed to play in the event. 

Event is full, can I join the waitlist?
- In this event you will choose a preliminary tee-time while registering. This method means that when the event is full booked, there will be no tee-times available and registration is not possible. With this method, there is no waitlist function in Metrix. If the event is full, all you can do is follow the event and watch for open spots. First one to pick gets the spot.

Can I do walk-in registration on site?
- Walk-in registration is possible in this event if there are spots available and there are free spots in following groups. For walk-ins the only method for payment is MobilePay (NBDG Events 39899). We highly suggest to register and pay in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting and for getting a confirmed spot.


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