• Comment: Fun doubles events during TYYNI. Open for everyone!

    TYYNI Evening Doubles

    TYYNI Evening Doubles is a bunch of fun doubles events which are organized during Tyyni weeks. These events are made for having fun with disc golf friends, not to compete si seriously. Evening Doubles are open for everybody - there is no requirements with memberships, licenses or other Tyyni registrations.

    You can find general information concerning all TYYNI Evening Doubles events from this page and more detailed event information from each event's subpage. Please read the info carefully. If you can't find needed einfo, read again and check also "Questions and Answers" section in the end of the page. If you still can't find the info, you can send email to events@nbdg.fi.


    TYYNI Evening Doubles schedule

    Event schedule

    • 18:15 Check-in on site
    • 18:30 Player meeting
    • 19:00 Comeptition round with shotgun start
    • Award ceremony when results are ready

    NOTICE! If there are some Tyyni event earlier on the same course and it takes longer than expected, competition round will start later. In this case TD will announce new starting time in player meeting.


    • Organizer: Natural Born Disc Golfer
    • Contact by email: events@nbdg.fi
    • Event's TD contact info can be found on event's subpage

    General information


    • Registration in advance through Disc Golf Metrix 
      • Each event has its own registration through event's subpage

    Entry fee

    • Entry fee in Tyyni Evening Doubles events are 25,00 € / pair, including possible course fees
      • Exception: TYYNI Evening Doubles #3 - Keinukallio and TYYNI Evening Doubles #4 - Ford DGP entry fee 20,00 € / pair
    • Entry fee must be paid right after registering (unless you end to the waitlist)
    • Organizer can remove unpaid pairs without any further notice
    • Entry fee is refunded if withdrawal is done by email (events@nbdg.fi) at the latest 2 days before the start of the event

    Payment options

    • MobilePay (Finnish accounts only)
      Payment to number 39899 (NBDG Events)
      Message Tyyni Evening Doubles, event date and player names


    • Doubles event, playing format Best Shot
    • Open for everyone, no membership requirements
    • Divisions:
      • OPEN - Open for everyone, no requirements
      • MASTERS - Both players born 1983 or earlier
      • MIXED - Male/female and female/female pairs 
    • PDGA rules are valid
    • Smoking, vaporing and use of any other tobacco products are prohibited at the tournament office and during the competition round from 2 minutes signal to the end of the round
    • Even these events are fun and unsanctioned competition, any use of alcohol is prohibited during the competition
    • Score keeping platform is Metrix
    • Organizer has reserved two wild cards for each event and may use them freely


    • There are no money or voucher prizes in these events
    • Division winners will be awarded with Tyyni merchandize prizes
      • Both players can choose a prize from TD's selection
      • Prizes are worth 20-40 € each, depending on the available selection
    • If there are at least 10 pairs in division, top 2 pairs will be awarded
    • In case of tied prize positions, there are no play-offs. All tied places will be awarded

    Questions and Answers

    I am not registered for Tyyni event, can I join this event?
    - Yes, you can. These events are open for everyone. There is no requirements with memberships, licenses or registrations.

    Why are there no money prizes?
    - Tyyni Evening Doubles are not for serious competing. The idea is to have fun with friends and disc golf. Of course there are some merchandize prizes. We decided to keep the entry fees as low as possible and therefore the prize pool isn't big either.

    Can we play in same group with our friends?
    - TD raffles the groups before the event. If you are early enough on site, you may ask if it is possible. We can't promise this in advance.

    Event seems to be fully booked. Can we join as third pair to some group?
    - For the nice flow of play these events will be played with groups of two pairs and three pair groups are not possible. If the event is full, you should register to waitlist because there might be withdrawals later. If you end up to waitlist, do not pay the entry fee until you get the spot.



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