Handicap (HC) calculation by Metrix rating

    NoNameRating of MetrixRating of scoreChange
    1Ivo Tagoma862960.7698.76
    2Maret Tamm768852.7684.76
    3Anti Kadajane877936.7659.76
    4Janar Pääsik847876.7629.76
    5Alar Heinsaar834852.7618.76
    7Eljar Tamm859852.76-6.24
    8Thomas Thomberg838828.76-9.24
    9Kalver Tamm893876.76-16.24
    10Indrek Hagu924864.76-59.24

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
    1Ivo Tagoma -5F322233333332332333-549
    2Anti Kadajane -3F323332332333333333-351
    3Elmo 0F332333333433332334054
    4Janar Pääsik +2F323332422343543334+256
    4Kalver Tamm +2F323333333343442433+256
    6Indrek Hagu +3F233243333343432534+357
    7Alar Heinsaar +4F333333333533233345+458
    7Maret Tamm +4F323234343343433434+458
    7Eljar Tamm +4F333433333353334432+458
    10Thomas Thomberg +6F423533433333522444+660
    11Indrek Kivi 0-00
    11Madis Käärma 0-00

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