EPT All-Stars 2023

EPT All-Stars is an unique season closing event. This event will gather all the best players to chase for the huge prize pool and cool-off for the off-season. Don’t be fooled by the late October, the event takes place in Fuengirola, Mijas course which is located in Costa Del Sol (=English: The sunny cost) where summer is present all year round and expect to wear shorts and t-shirt during the event.

This event is an invitational only event. Invitations for this event are shared from all European Pro Tour (EPT) and EPT-X events through season 2023. EPT organization may also make some special invitations.

If you are not able to reach the spot, you are welcome to spectate the event (and possibly take part to EPT-X Fuengriola Open one week later). 

General information

  • EPT All-Stars Invitational
  • Mijas, Spain
  • October 27th to 29th, 2023
  • PDGA International XA-tier
  • 3 competition rounds, one round a day with tee-time starts
  • MPO, FPO

Useful links

  • Event PDGA page: LINK
  • European Pro Tour homepage: LINK
  • Registration for invited players: LINK


  • Organizer: European Pro Tour
  • In co-operation with Mijas Disc Golf Park and Natural Born Disc Golfer
  • Tournament Director: Mikko Wikman, mikko.wikman@europeanprotour.com, +358 40 556 7789
  • Media & Partnerships: Juha Kytö, juha.kyto@europeanprotour.com


  • EPT All-Stars is an invitational event. Only players with invitation can register to the event
  • Invitational spots for best placed players in EPT events
    • MPO 6, FPO 3
  • Invitational spots for best placed players in EPT-X events
    • Category I (EPT candidates) MPO 3, FPO 2
    • Category II (High level events) MPO 2, FPO 1
    • Category III (Experience events) MPO 2, FPO 1
  • Find the full EPT and EPT-X schedules on EPT website, LINK

Invitational registration

  • Invites will be send after each EPT and EPT-X event
  • Players will get an invitation email and they will be added to invitation list at DiscGolfScene registration page
  • Since invited, players are eligible to register and pay the entry fee via DiscGolfScene
  • Entry fee is 150 € (incl. 20 € course fee + 15 € tax)
  • Organizer will add players to this Metrix page after registration is done

Preliminary schedule

Preliminary schedule, changes possible

Wednesday, October 25th

  • Course open for practise (open for everyone, regular course fee)

Thursday, October 26th

  • Course open for practise (reserved for All-Stars players, no course fee)

Friday, October 27th

  • First round, tee-time starts
  • FPO tee-times 9:15 - 9:30 
  • MPO tee-times 12:15 - 14:30 
  • Group meeting at tournament office 15 minutes before tee-time

Saturday, October 28th

  • Second round, tee-time starts
  • FPO tee-times 9:15 - 9:30 
  • MPO tee-times 12:15 - 14:30
  • Group meeting at tournament office 15 minutes before tee-time

Sunday, October 29th

  • Third round, tee-time starts
  • FPO tee-times 9:15 - 9:30 
  • MPO tee-times 12:15 - 14:30
  • Group meeting at tournament office 15 minutes before tee-time
  • Award ceremony, player party

Thursday to Sunday, 2nd to 4th November


  • DiscGolfPark Mijas
  • Urbanización Torreblanca del Sol, Mijas (Google Maps)
  • Caddy Book, LINK

Competition rules

  • PDGA A-tier event with tee-time starts
  • Three days, three competition rounds
  • PDGA rules and competition manual applied. Also EPT rules are valid
  • Duplex scoring (Udisc with full stats + Metrix as back-up )

Prize pool

  • Course fee 20 € and tax 15 € will be deducted before payout calculation
  • Prize pool includes:
    • 115 € from each EPT All-Stars entry
    • 10 €/player from each EPT event
      Added from Copenhagen Open MPO 1020 €, FPO 240 €
      Added from Belgian Open MPO 1000 €, FPO 130 €
      Added from Estonian Open MPO 1200 €, FPO 180 €
      Added from Nokia Open MPO 1200 €, FPO 110 €
      Added from Tyyni Open MPO 1140 €, FPO 120 €
      Added from Turku Open MPO 1180 €, FPO 100 €
      Added from Järva Open MPO 1070 €, FPO 180 €
    • Total added MPO 7810 €, FPO 1060 €
    • Possibly added cash from tour partners
  • Share TOP30%
  • Total prize pool with full field of 100 players would be around 23 000 €

General information

  • Personal details (name, address, personal ID / date of birth, email address) will be collected by organizer for needed tax liabilities. 
  • Withdrawal tax will be reduced from the original prize if needed


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