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DeMoin Challenge 2024 - sponsored by MVP Disc Sports

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Bremen - Drehmoment - DeMoin.

DeMoin Challenge - for the very first time! One of the oldest Disc Golf clubs in Germany will celebrate 3 days of challenge in Bremen´s legendary Weseruferpark.  


General Information:

  • August 09th to11th.2024
  • Weseruferpark, Bremen
  • Club: Drehmoment Disc Golf 
  • TD´s: Tjark Rösing, Nils Weidler, Daniel Wenkel
  • PDGA International C Tier
  • 2 Days. 3 Rounds
  • The Day befor Registration, Doubles, Training and meet & greet.


Friday, August 8th

  • Registration 13:00-19:00 (phone is possible as well)
  • Course is open for training from after 13:00
  • Doubles Playersmeeting 15:30
  • Meet and Greet in the evening after Doubles

Saturday, August 9th

  • Coffee, Tee and Starters are ready at 8am
  • Playersmeeting 9h
  • Round 1 starts 9:30h
  • Food and Beverages are ready at 12
  • Round 2 starts 13:30
  • Playersparty starts at 6 (Platz für Link) 
  • Yoga at the beach. Between Round 2 and the Playersparty

Sunday, August 10th

  • Coffee, Tee and Starters are ready at 8am
  • tee times from 9:30
  • prize ceremony approx 15h

flights by score and divisions


The legendary Weseruferpark. Picturesquely situated alongside the Weser with its 21 permanently installed baskets, it offers enough space for a challenging and varied tournament course. 

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We are happy to help you withe the organization of accomodation. Please contact us for information on pitches for motorhomes. For more accommodation klick the link down below.


Parking Spaces

Due to ongoing dyke construction work, the parking situation is still tight. So that we can continue to organize great events for you in the upcoming years, please use only and exclusively the designated parking lot "lankenauer höft".

Klick the link below for the parking space.


 Food & Beverages

Coffee, Tee, Water, Bananas and Bars in the morning. Lunch between the Rounds and the BBQ on saturday at the playersparty is included. We also have water, coffee and snacks on the course. This all is inclusive. 


Scoring is done via metrix and paper scorecards. After the round the results must be signed.


Each player will get an exciting players pack.


Tournament Organizer: Drehmoment Disc Golf Verein e.V.

TD: Tjark Rösing, Nils Weidler, Daniel Wenkel 


Mail: DeMoinChallenge2024@web.de


First of all: We have to give a huge shoutout to David Stroot and his team from Disc Golf Friends in Dortmund to give us the registration guidlines for international players and we are happy to follow them. They made a perfect excample how this could workout. That is also the reason why the excamples in the pictures are for the tremonia open in wischlingen,dortmund.  

You have to register at https://turniere.discgolf.de/

1. First of all: you can change the language via the menu on the top right corner:


2. You have to create an account at turniere.discgolf.de. Go to the main page and click on "Registration as club less or foreign player". Enter your personal data, scroll down, accept the terms and conditions (otherwise you can not register) and click on "Register user". Don't worry if the page looks frozen... It takes a while. Do not close the page and wait for the confirmation.


3. You should get an email. Click on "Complete Registration" and you will be redirected to turniere.discgolf.de, where you can log in by clicking on the menu on the top right corner, then "Login" and then enter your email and email address and click on "Login".


4. Go to https://turniere.discgolf.de/index.php?p=events&sp=view&id=2077, scroll down and click on "Register"


5. Scroll down and choose your division


6. You must have a valid liability insurance at the time of the tournament. Scroll downclick the checkbox to confirm that you have one and click on Submit registration now


7. Congratulations, you are registered. 

All other information you can only find here at Disc Golf Metrix.

For any other questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


Tjark, Nils and Daniel


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