1Lucca Pape -11F2322323-417-1131
2Benedict Haselsberger -9F2322222-615-933
3Dennis Damerau -8F4332222-318-834
3Sylwester Przybyla -8F3222323-417-834
5Daniel Sorgatz -7F2322232-516-735
6Björn Wobschall -5F3223333-219-537
6Patrick Spengeler -5F3422322-318-537
8Noel Vaughn -46232323-315-435
9Rainer Drefers -3F3232433-120-339
10Johannes Kropf -26433232-117-237
10Mats Kipper -2F3422223-318-240
10Willi Quaas -2F3232333-219-240
13Oskar Krzykowski -1F3323233-219-141
14Lars Böttiger 0F3433333+122042
14Thomas Horenburg 0F3333333021042
14Sascha Protz 0F3423232-219042
17Andrew GottWorth +16353234+220140
18Marco Haase +7F4543443+627749
19Dennis John +11F4344444+6271153

Hole-by-hole statistics

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