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    At the end of April, Mežaparks will celebrate its 123rd anniversary and in honor of this event, UFOGOLF will organize a unique competition "For Mežaparks 123" - we will play 123 baskets in one day - airBaltic Training Disc Golf Park!

    SATURDAY, April 27

    8:00-8:30 Registration of players
    8:30-8:55 Players meeting
    9:00-12:00 4 circles or 40 baskets
    12:00-12:40 Let's get stronger with Grillhouse soup!
    12:40-12:55 Players meeting
    13:00-15:40 4 rounds or 40 baskets
    15:40-16:10 Lunch with grills from Grillhouse!
    16:10-16:25 Players meeting
    16:30-19:00 4 rounds or 40 baskets + 3 baskets for all participants, ending with golf start
    19:00 Summary of results
    19:30 Awards + raffle

    Participation fees:
    30 eur - adults
    25 eur – UFOGOLF Latvia annual card holders** and UFOGOLF club members
    15 eur - young people (up to 17 years old included)

    ** When checking in, it is necessary to present the annual card. Current year card.

    Prizes for TOP 6 in each group and TOP 3 cash prizes!


    We inform you that photography and filming will take place during the event, and the resulting images can be posted on the website of SIA "UFOGOLF Latvija" on the Internet, in the catalog, on the blog or on social networks Facebook and Instagram.
    By attending the event, you agree that:
    • you can be photographed and filmed;
    • photos with your image can be posted on the website of SIA "UFOGOLF Latvija" on the Internet or on social networks Facebook and Instagram.


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