MPO (4)+/-Thr23491011121617+/-Sum  
    1Jerome Braun -22F333343233-327-22200
    2Toad McReynolds -17F324332234-426-17205
    3Markus Dvinjaninov -16F333333442-228-16206
    4andreas melin -14F323343463+131-14208
    FPO (4)+/-Thr23491011121617+/-Sum  
    1Katka Bodova +11F332552354+23211233
    2Hanna Hugosson +29F334644343+43429251
    3Tabea Wallus +31F353553343+43431253
    4Kersti Miller +47F4336531143+124247269
    AM1 (4)+/-Thr23491011121617+/-Sum  
    1Johannes Sepp +3F6423423420303225
    1Hardi Koduvere +3F3334333440303225
    3Rene Treier +5F433443343+1315227
    4Joni Tuomiranta +6F3344421143+8386228

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