Enfants H (1)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1Sam NOUGIER +18F7104546544+1849
    Open Homme (16)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1pierre mollard -4F463322322-427
    2christophe GONOD -2F553223333-229
    2leplus christophe -2F453322334-229
    2Marnick LUCAS -2F353343323-229
    2saugues florent -2F363323234-229
    2Thomas Trappo-2F453233342-229
    7Vincent GRENIER -1F543343323-130
    7Brice Daudel-1F553323342-130
    7Pierre CASTANIER -1F463323333-130
    7Yann Andrevon -1F563342322-130
    7David PIEL -1F453323334-130
    12Alexis MICHALET +2F555324333+233
    12Gérald DEMANGE+2F464343342+233
    14Nicolas BOURLIOUX +4F665343332+435
    14Christophe MADEIRA +4F464353343+435
    16Clément JOUENNE+11F6104443353+1142
    Open Femme (1)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1Anne Lise Lucas-1F653323332-130

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