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Handicap (HC) calculation by Metrix rating

NoNameRatingResultHCSum (Result-HC)
1Martynas Šopa6197528.4146.59
2Marius Šiaulys7746516.8548.15
3Justinas Radzevičius6537625.8850.12
4Petras Tarasevičius6537925.8853.12
5Marius Banaitis6168228.6453.36
6Lukas Tarasevicius6448126.5554.45
7Gintaras Kalnikas7257520.5154.49
8Skirmantas Bikelis8007114.9156.09
9Lukas Drobelis8157213.858.2
10Paulius Pa5569233.1158.89

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516+/-Sum
1Marius Šiaulys +9F4435553373545333+965
2Skirmantas Bikelis +15F5447454374635343+1571
3Lukas Drobelis +16F6344564473534347+1672
4Martynas Šopa +19F5644465384635444+1975
4Gintaras Kalnikas +19F6455553274755543+1975
6Justinas Radzevičius +20F7535655373754443+2076
7Petras Tarasevičius +23F5646663583637344+2379
8Lukas Tarasevicius +25F6559664474735343+2581
9Marius Banaitis +26F6447584674635454+2682
10Paulius Pa +36F6637685494775474+3692

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