NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
1Andreas Nyström7319.253.8-9.2
2Göran Nordström7211.460.6-2.4
3Mikael Sundman651.663.40.4
4Thomas Österlund737663
5Markus Uusikylä8315.667.44.4
6Janne Malen789.668.45.4
6Ari Österlund690.668.45.4
8Frank Höglund778.268.85.8
9Andreas Walls66-3696
10Chris Lindholm743.670.47.4
11Patrik Ekström67-

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Mikael Sundman +2F532434343433354435+265
2Andreas Walls +3F742425332443335525+366
3Patrik Ekström +4F643434442333345435+467
4Ari Österlund +6F743424452534453433+669
5Göran Nordström +9F743535343434454434+972
6Andreas Nyström +10F743524434533454535+1073
6Thomas Österlund +10F643536332553473434+1073
8Chris Lindholm +11F842356244433454427+1174
9Frank Höglund +14F644536443544354526+1477
10Janne Malen +15F843635332643674434+1578
11Markus Uusikylä +20F854647343444554535+2083

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