Newspost #3 regarding waiting lists


SInce we have noticed that people are confused as to wether or not they are on the waiting list or not for the tournament, we have re-enabled the waiting list column in the list of registrered players.

You will notice though that everyone is on the same list, even though we in fact have 2 different waiting list (one for each of the 2 pools we have for the tournament).

For the correct listing, please see the PDGA listing here for your correct number in the queue: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/39071

Players for the white pool (MPO. FPO, FP40, MP40 & MJ18) are marked as "While pool #" and players for the remaining divisions are marked as "Yellow pool #".

If there are any questions. please don't hessitate to use that contact button.


Disc Import
Prodigy Disc

Groups for White Pool round 3 here: https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=868978

Groups for Yellow Pool round 3 : here: https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=872080


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