Checklist for weeklies

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Running weeklies includes some admistration both before and during the competition day, so here's a checklist to help You remember the basics.

Before competition starts

  • Have all registered players confirmed their participation (and paid)?

    • If yes, then you can set "Player registration = No" from Edit Competition --> Public
    • You should also set "Show automated results = Yes"
    • Remember you can also manually add players to competition and change their setting from Players list
    • You can also use the Players list to save who has already payed (remember to save after changes)
  • Does your competition have multiple rounds?
    • If yes, then it's better to create the first round under "parent competition" before starting to enter scores
    • Remember that you can copy players from parent or other competitions within the same tour (usually from parent to first round, if registrations were collected on parent level)
  • Check that your competition and rounds are using groups: Edit Competition --> Details --> Use groups = Yes
  • If you have different classes, also check Edit Competition --> Details --> Use classes = Yes
  • Generate groups for first round.
  • Now everything is ready to start a round
    • To enter scores click "Entering" on the top right corner
    • Then select group and starting basket and Start...

Between the rounds

  • Check that all players have all scores recorded
    • Or you can set DNS or DNF to a players from Players list
  • Create next round by going to Edit competition --> Rounds --> Copy new
  • Check that all players and classes are copied OK
  • Generate group for the round
    • This time you might want to use "By previous round" option to get players sorted by their scores
  • Check that "Show automated results = Yes" on the new round and parent competition
  • Now next round should be ready to start

After all rounds - competition finished

  • Check again that all players have all scores recorded or DNS or DNF set to a player from the players list
  • Check that "Show automated results = Yes"
  • At this point, you can close competition from entering or updating scores
    • Edit competition --> Details --> "Closed for entering results = Yes"
  • If you're using handicap calculations, check the settings from top competition level
    • Edit competition (top level) --> Public --> Weekly tables
      • WeeklyHC - basic average based handicap
      • SkoorinRatingHC - skooring rating based handicap - this can be used already in the first competition if course has  rating
    • More information on different point systems available here
  • Go to parent competition to see total scores for rounds played today
    • On this page you can also see the handicapped results
    • Note! On WeeklyHC option, players that do not have a handicap yet, are not shown on the list

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Metrix support.

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