Event structures

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Competitions or Events (including training rounds) can have more than one round and tours can have more than one competition. Before creating a competition or especially when creating a tour with multiple competitions and multiple rounds within each competition, it's best to start with some planning:

  • Do we have more than one competition? And are the competitions connected to each other
    • If yes on both, then first create an "Event group" that can be a tour, series or a league
    • When starting with an event group, one must also create either single- or multi-round events within the group and use rounds and pools as needed.
  • Do we know how many competitions and rounds will be included in a tour or competition?
    • If yes, then it may be better to create at least some of the events before playing any
    • For a single event, more rounds can be created at any time
  • Does your event use different course layouts for different classes?
    • If yes, you might want to create a "Pool" between the event and rounds
  • Did you get confused?
    • If yes, then contact support :)

In general, all events should follow the structure below:


  1. Single-round event: an event in it's simplest form.
    1. Everything managed under one record, registrations, players, groups, results, infos... everything.
  2. Event or Multi-round event: an event having more than one round.
    1. Multi-round events can also feature player pools to manage bigger events or multiple course layouts played within same event.
    2. Events can include registrations, but groups are managed under each round.
  3. Round: results are entered per round in multi-round events
    1.  Rounds are quite simple records that include players, groups and results.
  4. Pool: can be used to organize players when using different start times or course layouts within a single event.
    1. Pools basically have just a name, but can include player lists.
    2. Registrations, groups and results are not available on pools.
  5. Event group: tours, series and leagues used to group related events under one parent
    1. Event groups do not include player registrations or results
    2. Groups must have events as children
  6. Parent event groups can be used to further organize different events under common parent

New events, rounds etc can be created from "Edit competition" >> "Rounds". Example below shown four level structure with variable events:

  1. Structure type is shown with gray tags: Event group in this example
    1. Action buttons vary based on current type
  2. Requirement elements are shown with red tags, if some are missing from the structure
    1. Related to a single event, before event can actually start (enable entering results)
  3. Add single-round event (SRE): would create a new SRE under the event Group
  4. Add multi-round event (MRE): would create a new MRE under the event group
  5. Add event group: would create another event group under the current event group
    1. Event group can have other event group, multi-round events and single-round events as children and event groups as parent
  6. Create parent (event group): Events and event groups can have event groups as parent
  7. Add round: will create a new round under an MRE
    1. New round can be created by copying the current record also
  8. Add pool: will create a new pool under an MRE
    1. Pool must have an MRE as parent and rounds as children
  9. Copy: Copying records will vary depending on what type of record is being copied
    1. Copying is mainly used to create rounds under the same event
    2. Or when creating similar events like weekly events under an event group
  10. Move: different records can be moved around under the same top parent.
    1. For example, rounds can be moved under pools that have been added to an event after creating the rounds.

Make sure that all records have correct start times after changing the structure since start times are used to sort event structures in multiple places in the system.

More information about creating rounds and copying competitions can be found here

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