Competition structures

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Competitions or Events (including training rounds) can have more than one round and tours can have more than one competition. Before creating a competition or especially when creating a tour with multiple competitions and multiple rounds within each competition, it's best to start with some planning:

  • Do we have more than one competition? And are the competitions connected to each other
    • If yes on both, then first create a "Tour"
    • Tour should follow either one of these two structures
      1. Tour --> Competition (with single round)
      2. Tour --> Competition --> Round (if multiple rounds)
    • It's not recommended to create more than these three levels in the competition structure
  • Do we know how many competitions and rounds will be included in a tour or competition?
    • If yes, then it may be better to create at least some of the competitions before playing any
    • For a single competition, more rounds can be created at any time
  • Does your competition multiple different course layouts for different classes?
    • If yes, you might want to create a "Pool" or some other tier between the main event and single rounds
  • Did you get confused?
    • If yes, then contact support :)

New competitions/rounds can be created from "Edit competition" --> "Rounds". Example below shown three tier structure with:

  1. First level representing the "tour" (or main event)
  2. Second level is for each competition (or different pools, tiers, divisions)
  3. Third level is round the actual rounds played in a competition (including the scores)

  • "Copy new" competitions from existing rounds/competitions or
  • "Add new competitions" from scratch. 

Visibility of Copy/Add buttons depends on the current state of the related round/competition.

  • "Copy new" is available when competition doesn't have other same level competitions/rounds under it
    • Copy is never available on "Tour" type of competition
    • You can't copy "Competition" record once the tour has other competitions already created after it (e.g. Competitions 1 and 2)
    • Also "Rounds" can't be copied if rounds already created after the round (e.g. Competition 1 - Round 1)
  • "Add new competition" is available, if round/competition doesn't already have records on the same level under it
    • for example, "Add new" is available for last competition, but not for 1st and 2nd one
    • and it's also available below each "final round", since more rounds can be added to each competition
    • Add new competition under another one is not available for competitions or rounds that already have scores recorded

Make sure that competitions have correct start times after done with the structure, since start times are used to sort competition structure in multiple places in the system.

More information about creating rounds and copying competitions can be found here

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